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Laser Cutting Acrylic

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Laser Cutting Acrylic

Laser engraving and cutting acrylic have various applications across different industries and personal projects some common applications include:

  • Signage: Laser engraving and cutting acrylic are commonly used in sign-making. Acrylic creates a sleek and professional look for indoor and outdoor signs.

  • Awards and trophies: Laser engraving on acrylic is a popular choice for creating customized awards, plaques, and trophies.

  • Personalized gifts: Laser-engraved acrylic products make unique and personalized gifts.

  • Prototyping and model-making: Acrylic sheets are often used for prototyping and model-making in various industries.

  • Decorative items: Laser-engraved acrylic can be used to create decorative items such as acrylic panels, ornaments, and decorative screens.

  • Jewelry and accessories: Laser cutting acrylic is used in the production of jewelry and accessories. Acrylic can be cut into various shapes and sizes, allowing for the creation of earrings, pendants, bracelets, and more.

  • Architectural applications: Laser-engraved acrylic sheets can be used in architectural applications, such as decorative wall panels, room dividers, signage, and lighting fixtures.

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Which acrylic we recommend for laser processing?

1.Cast Acrylic 

2.Extruded Acrylic

3.Colored and Opal Acrylic

4.Frosted Acrylic

5.Transparent and Translucent Acrylic

Which laser machine do you need to laser engrave acrylic?

1390X SCU1390

-Excellent cutting quality meets high cutting speed.

-Possible processing of very large surfacs

-High quality laser tube provides the strong beam and long service life




-High precision and speed performance with cutting&engraving working

-With the high power laser tube and the 3D Scanner technology

-High efficiency,Engraving&Marking speed can reach to 7000m/s


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