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Laser Cutting & Engraving Foam

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Laser Cutting & Engraving Foam


Laser cutting and engraving foam is a highly effective and versatile method for creating intricate designs, precise cuts, and detailed engravings on foam materials. Foam, such as polystyrene (EPS), polyethylene (PE), or polyurethane (PU), is widely used in various industries for packaging, insulation, crafts, and prototyping. In this guide, we'll explore the process of laser cutting and engraving foam and provide tips for achieving optimal results.

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Choosing the Right Foam:

Select foam materials suitable for laser cutting and engraving, such as EPS, PE, or PU foam. Avoid materials containing PVC (polyvinyl chloride), as they can release harmful gases when cut with a laser.

Consider the thickness and density of the foam. Thinner and less dense foams are easier to cut and engrave, while thicker and denser foams may require higher laser power and slower speeds.

How to cut foam?

Laser cutting foam

Using CO2 laser can cut polymer based foam most effectively. The laser beam heats the material directly, causing it to evaporate. If the laser power is high enough, the laser beam will completely penetrate the material. When laser beam is used to cut polymer, the polymer will evaporate rapidly, thus making the edge smooth and the heat affected zone minimum. For metal based foam, fiber laser is the most effective. The fiber laser can cut thin sheets of foam (up to 1 / 8 inch or 3 mm). Ceramic based foam is usually not cut by laser because it is very brittle and may crack.

Laser engraving of foam

In the process of foam surface engraving, the power of laser beam can be limited to engrave the material to the specified depth. CO2 laser is most suitable for laser engraving polymer foam, while fiber laser is most suitable for metal foam. The laser engraving process can be used to create patterns and designs on the surface of foam.

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