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Laser Machine Engraving Machine High Speed Application in Retail Stores

The machine is widely applied in the fine engraving, cutting and hollowing
out on non-metallic materials in filed of advertising, decoration, furniture ,
model manufacturing and handicraft industries.
  • SCU1060H


Our Service

Pre-sales Service:

1) According to customers demands, provide relevant technical guidance.
2) Assist customers to design and make laser cutting & engraving solutions considering technical feasibility.
3) Provide equipment demonstration for customers to investigate, make samples and do test, etc  

After-sales Service:
1) 1 year warranty for laser machine and components;
2) Offer lifelong repair;
3) Engineers available to service machinery overseas;
4) Multi language service;
5) Offer 24 - hour technical support.



machine details

Our samples




1.Electric lift worktable easy for processing diverse thickness sheets

2.All electrical parts strictly conform to CE Standard

3.Glass Tube life can reach 1000hrs,R.F. metal laser tube available

4.Imported II-VI INFRARED focus lens, high steady laser output

5.Strong machine frame, make sure stable performance while high speed cutting or engraving

6.Humanized design worktable, handy material recycling drawer

7.Red light pointer with beam combiner

Equipment Performance The double guide rail, step drive, belt transmission, tube feeding, up&down worktable, the honey-comb striation, the circulation of water cooling, the hydraulic protection, exclusion of dust and smoke, the huff protection, the proprietary software which supports the output of various files format: PLT, BMP, DXF, DST, T100, etc.

Technical Parameter


Technical Parameter





Working Area


Laser Power

60W / 100W RF metal tube

Max Engraving speed


Max Cutting speed

400mm/s (depends on material)

Repeated Positioning Accuracy


Min. Cutting Character

English Letter: 1.5mm

Max. Cutting Depth

6 ~ 8mm (up to the material)

Table Height Adjustment

25cm Adjustable

Red Pointer


Controlling system


Table Type

Honeycomb or aluminum strip

Mo Mirror Reflectivity


Focus Lens

2.0 inch

DC brushless servo motor

Brand: Leadshine, rated speed: 3,000rpm

Cooling Method

Air cooling

Air Pump

Power: 138W, flow rate: 100L/Min

Exhaust Fan

Voltage: 220V, power: 550W, blowing rate: 18m3/min,   outlet diameter: 80mm, wind pressure:1.70Kpa, rotating speed:2,800rpm

Software Format Support

CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD, etc

Graphic Format Support

AI, PLT, BMP, DXF, DST, T100, etc

Process Material

Non-metal Materials

Cooling ways

Circulation Water Cooling

Working Temperature


Working Humidity


Working Power

220V/50Hz/60Hz/2kVA, 110V/50Hz/60Hz/2kVA

(can customize)

Packing Dimension





Q1: How to choosing Argus Co2 laser cutting machine
A1: First, choose a suitable model according to your material size.
We offer SCU4030(400*300mm), SCU5070(500*700mm), SCU1060(100*600mm),SCU1290(1250*900mm),SCU1325(1300*2500mm), customized worktable
Second, Choose a suitable laser power: 30w 60w 80w 100w 130w 150w
30w 60w laser tube mainly be used for engraving, the maxium cutting perspex thickness reach to 6mm
80w 100w laser tube be used for both cutting and engraving, the maxium cutting perspex thickness reach to 15mm.
130w 150w laser tube mainly be used for cutting, the maxium cutting perspex thickness reach to 20mm.

Q2: How can i pay for the co2 laser cutting machine?
A2: We can accept payment by T/T, L/C at sight.

Q3: If i paid for co2 laser cutting machine, how long can we get the laser machine?
A3: Delivery Time: Within 7 working days Shipping Time: Depends on your destination port.

Q4: How can i learn how to operate the laser machine?
A4: Welcome to our factory to get the free training(suggested), reference to User Manual come with the laser machine, and we will also give you online support to teach you how to use the machine.

Q5: What kind of PC system can be used with the machine?
A5: Argus laser machine can support Windows 2000/Windows XP/ Win7/Win8

Q6: In general, how long is the service life of a laser tube?
A6: Generally, a laser tube’s service life can reach 3500 hours to 9000 hours depending on the specific usage. For example, if it works 8 hours per day, the detailed data is as follows:
1. If you set the power at 20-30% of the total power, the service life is about 1-2 years.
2. If you set the power at 40-50% of the total power, the service life is about 1 year.
3. If you set the power at 70-80% of the total power, the service life is about 6-8 months.

Q7: What's the warranty for different laser tube power?
A7: 60w80w for 6 months; 100w/130w for 10 months. 1 year warranty for the whole machine

Q8: Argus laser agent needed?
A8: Argus laser have been looking for agents all over the world, welcome you can be Argus member like other 13 partners inoverseas. welcome join us!


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laser solutions supplier since 1998 !!!

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