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Laser cutting machine makes acrylic more diverse

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Laser cutting machine makes acrylic more diverse

The impact of laser cutting on the traditional cutting industry has been very evident in recent years. This is especially true in the advertising industry. The advertising industry is closely related to our lives and covers a variety of large and small industries such as catering, entertainment, living and communication. And as society continues to progress, we also have more demands on the advertising industry, and the use of laser cutting in the advertising industry is very important.

1 Store signage

In the era of "camera first", the food and beverage industry has developed with the help of the internet, and a large number of online celebrity shops have emerged. The signboard is the face of a netflix shop and its importance is self-evident. Laser cutting for acrylic luminous letters makes the exquisite signboard strength to capture the hearts of the fans.


2 Acrylic creative lights

Lighting plays an important role in modern home life. The role of lamps is no longer limited to lighting, but more often plays a decorative role. Fashionable and simple lighting designs add colour to our daily lives. Nowadays, lamps and lanterns are made from a variety of materials, all of which are available from laser cutting machines.


3 Acrylic three-dimensional wall stickers

With the perfection of the process, the laser machine to the acrylic modelling technology became more and more perfect. In addition to a variety of advertising industry applications, more and more acrylic began to enter the field of home decoration. As a personalised decoration style, the backdrop has become the highlight of interior decoration. The emergence of laser-cut acrylic wall stickers, for interior decoration, brings another highly creative solution


Wedding invitation card

Nowadays, invitations have become a medium for couples to show their individuality and fashion. The old-fashioned invitations that are simply printed out have long fallen out of fashion, while laser technology can be tailored to match the wedding to create a personalised and stylish wedding invitation, making the wedding unique because of a laser element invitation and letting friends feel the couple's care because of a special invitation.


Recommended model 1390


1 Non-contact processing, no damage to the product

2 High precision laser processing, no cracks in the cut, smooth cut, one time forming

3 Time saving, more efficient processing of products, automatic nesting, saving production material

4 No tooling restrictions, laser processing is highly malleable and can process arbitrary shapes

5 Fast and less heat affected cutting edges, no heat distortion or edge collapse

6 A wide range of materials can be processed, such as plastic, wood, PVC, leather, textile products, acrylic, etc.

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