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Laser cutting of wedding dresses for a wedding that will amaze time

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Laser cutting of wedding dresses for a wedding that will amaze time

Every girl should have a dream of a romantic wedding dress in her heart, with a slim silhouette, delicate embroidery and flowing light gauze, giving a dreamy feel.

Lace accessories are an essential finishing touch to a wedding dress, beautiful, romantic and yet seductive ......

A laser-cut lace wedding dress that shows off feminine beauty in every detail with precision, for a wedding that will amaze you in time!

Wedding dress fabrics are mainly satin satin, bright forging, lace, crystal yarn, grid yarn, etc. The fabrics are made of different materials, different weaves, different origins, etc., so the emergence and application of wedding dress laser cutting machines have resulted in new changes and are more adapted to the production and processing of wedding dresses. The wedding dress laser cutting machine's wide range of application, good cutting effect, engraving accuracy and many other features also indicate that the laser equipment under the wedding dress is a good choice for the industry.

Recommended model: SCU1610 With CCD Camera

photobank (4)

  1. Main structure processed without weldding, modular design in motion system which will improve the stability.

  2.  Specially designed gear ratio structure for cutting.

  3.  Adopting high quality components for better lifespan and performance

  4.  Apply a linker to connect with the air conveyor ,which can directly inline   with filling machine .




Laser machine cutting advantages.

1.High cutting accuracy, smooth cutting edges and improved product quality

2.Fast cutting speed, one machine = 5 manual cutters

3.Stable machine performance to support long runs

4.Low power consumption, small footprint and very low operating costs

5.Simple worker training and reduced management costs

6.Support for splicing and cutting of strip flowers in oversize format

7.No yellowing of the cut edges and no burnt edges

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