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Laser engraver engraving wood materials

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Laser engraver engraving wood materials

Laser engraving machine is achieved RBI sculpture, with the gray-scale performance of natural advantage. To this end in carved gray as far as possible the design of its manifestations, so that the benefits are reduced on the one hand coloring process, saving costs; on the other hand, enriched the performance of carving tools, an increase of the level of graphics. Users to use, first to do graphics with different gray-filled (first translated into graphics characters), carved in black and white output options can be used to try the effect of different networks, the accuracy of less than 500dpi.


Engraving Materials

Logs (unprocessed timber)

Wood is by far the most commonly used laser processing of materials, it is easy carving and cutting. Light-colored wood like birch, cherry or maple can easily be laser gasification, and therefore more suitable for carving. Each timber has its own characteristics, and some dense some, such as hardwood, in the carving or cutting is necessary to use more laser power. We recommend that the wood carvings are not very familiar with the former, it is necessary to first explore the characteristics of sculpture.


In fact, in the plywood on the sculpture carved in wood is not much difference, but It should be noted that, engraving depth can not be too deep. After cutting the plywood edge will be as black as the wood, the key would look plywood are manufactured using the kind of timber.

Wood carving

In general, the sculpture in wood is usually overcast carving, and carving deeper depth of general requirements. This power generally set higher, such as encountered in hard wood after carving may become darker color graphics. Such as some want to make light colors can enhance the speed of engraving, carving tried many times. Some wood carving will produce some soot attached to the wood surface, if the timber has already paint brush can be used to carefully wipe cloth, if there was no paint may be wiped clean, resulting in finished surface defaced.

Timber Cutting

Laser engraving machine cutting depth of the timber are generally not deep, the largest wood cutting depth depends on material and laser power, such as to cut very thick timber, cutting speed can be slowed down, but may cause burning of wood. Specific operations can try to use large format lenses, and the use of repeated cutting method.

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