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Laser scoring and perforation in your flexible packaging production process

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Laser scoring and perforation in your flexible packaging production process

Depending on the contents of the packaging, small strategic perforations may be required in your production process to provide decompression of internal products. Or, laser scoring may be required to facilitate opening or use of the package.

When your product requires scoring that is easy to open or close again, laser scoring is the ideal process to add to production. It can also be used to etch security or product identification.

Coptics's laser technology has the characteristics of simplified setup and minimum downtime. The laser beam actually seals the edge of the hole as it burns through the material, ultimately enhancing the packaging.

By integrating multiple laser modules (one laser module per beam) with a horizontal mesh pattern, you can simultaneously realize easy-open bags with tear strips, perforations, and product identification.

The laser scoring process provides excellent  control to ensure consistent scoring depth from machine start to full-speed production.

Our non-contact laser process does not punch or tear the material like a traditional mechanical perforator, but vaporizes the flexible material to produce smaller, rounder, and more uniform holes. At the same time, waste is minimized.

Pouches and packages containing highly fermented contents, stored under extreme storage conditions, or transported through mountains often require perforation. It is also convenient to perforate packaging that requires quick filling, microwave steam release, or ventilation.

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