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Recommend 15 useful tech sites

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Recommend 15 useful tech sites

According to the phrase "21 days to make a habit", many industries have disrupted dramatically since the pandemic. Everyone is speculating that online education will be the next big industry.

Here are 15 very good technology websites (combined with Alexa ranking) recommended for everyone, and the articles are of high quality.

1 | HowStuffWorks.




3 |Discovery

Classics all the time, videos, books, travel, etc.

4 |LiveScience

5 |ScienceDaily

6 |ScienceDirect

7 |Space

8 |ScientificAmerican

9 |Nature

Nature, Science --- the pursuit of scientific researchers.

10 |PopSci

11 |SmithsonianMag

12 |TreeHugger

13 |NewScientist

14 |ScienceMag

15 |RedOrbit

"Scientific research - popular science" will not be delayed.

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