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Sunic Autofocus CCD Co2 Laser Marking Machine with Red Light Indication

The high productivity Dynamic CO2 Laser Marking Machine SCM2000 model is the ideal solution for marking, engraving and cutting paper, cardboard, genuine and synthetic leather, natural and synthetic textiles, denim, rubber, wood, acrylics, acetates, organic andsensitive materials to the co2 wavelength in general on large areas up to 800×800 mm.
  • SCM2000

photobank (12)

photobank (2)


marker cutting paper details

Technical Parameter



Max working Area


Laser power

150watts/250 watts/350watts

Power Consumption

≤ 5-7kWh

Life Span

Over 20000 hours

Marking Speed



MDF/Strip/Honeycomb worktable

Laser Source

US Coherent Diamond J Series Laser Tube

Laser Wavelength


Laser Frequency


Focusing method

3D dynamic focusing system

System Support


Output Compatibility

Auto CAD, Photoshop, CorelDRAW etc

File Formats


Software Character

Integrated Function of Dotting Design, Vector Drawing, Marking, Scribing and Cutting

Power Supply


Cooling Way

Circulation of Water Cooling



Brief Introduction

The equipment adopts Aluminum frame structure, and the latest motor driving in the whole worktable platform to ensure the stable qualities. The adjustment of laser optical path is driven by two galvanometer motors(XY), and the third axis is driven by pre-scanning gathered system to make a wildly adjustment for focus distance. Imported RF laser, high speed optical scanning galvanometers, and our self-designed linear 3d dynamic focusing system, hardware controlling system, marking controlling software system and high precision thermostatic water cooling system are the key points to maintain stable 24h longtime lasting performance.

*High precision, fast speed,and controllable marking depth as well as long long continuous working hour with maintenance-free.
*Using Co2 glass laser device,which is economical,by the way of rear focusing .
*The optical system can up-and-down back-and-forth freely.
*Dedicated industrial-control computer,is adaptable and has high capacity of antijamming,working stably to enable continuous and stable operation all day long .

*Adopting red dot positioning system to make an accurate position to avoiding Wasting material.
*With multiple control tools,users can freelly interact the control system with the external equipments.

Machine Structure

Main Features:

  • SCM2000 with digital electronics designed and manufactured by SUNIC LASER allows outstanding laser beam quality (spot diameter≤0.15 mm) for the best cutting performances up to 400×400 mm working area. high performance dynamic bean-expander actuated by galvanometric motor, enables best in class high marking speed.

  • With the Red Light Indication System and CCD Positioning System enables the correct centering of the working path to the real position of the piece in process (optional).

  • With U.S.A. Coherent CO2 R.F. Metal Laser Sources(maintenance-free), provide SCM2000 with maximum reliability and high qualityperformance.

  • SCM2000 model is available with Full Enclosed option to meet class 1 laser product safety protection.

Applicable Industrie

Applicable materials Suitable for wood, paper, leather, cloth, plexiglass, epoxy, acrylic, unsaturated polyester resin and other non-metal materials.
Applicable industries Widely used in leather, food, beverage, colth, electronic, meter, communication instruments, package and other industries, can be combined with streamline for online marking.

Cooperation Partner:


Sunic Laser supply free technical training for all customers all over the world until the workers from buyer can operate the machine normally and individually. Mainly training are as follow:
1) Training for Control software operation
2) Training for normatively turning on/off operation of the machine
3) Instruction of technical parameters, as well as their setting ranges
4) Basic daily cleaning and maintenance for the machine
5) Solutions for common hardware problems
6) Training for other questions and technical suggestions during daily production

1, One year free maintenance, lifelong caring
2, Free technical consultant and software updating
3, Customer Service responding in 12hours
4, Continuous support with software and hardware after free maintenance


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laser solutions supplier since 1998 !!!

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