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Sunic Easy To Operate Plastic Bag Single Head Easy Tearing Line Laser Marking Machine for Packaging Industry

The device is a integrated marking machine with 355nm UV laser output , high quality laser beam , high peak power , narrow pulse width , less heat impact during processing , high electro-optical conversion efficiency , fast marking speed , simple and practical control system , and Free maintenance ., can meet industrial high-volume production marking .This CO2 Laser Marking Machine is widely used in the PVC,PE,PET shrink sleeve,shrink label easy tearing line high speed laser marking and some soft packing air permeable hole laser marking.

Comparing with the traditional mechanical processing way,the laser processing has the advantages in the high processing speed,long lifespan, good pore diameter uniformity and high accuracy.

  • SCM55 Single Head


Machine Details

Galvanometer: original imported, fast, high precision, good stability.

Laser: original imported, good light speed, high quality, stable performance.

Lens: original imported, high tranmittance, stable performance.

Water Chiller


Machine details

Technical Parameters

Laser Power
Max Working Area
Laser Mode
CO2  R.F. metal laser tube imported from the USA
Marking Speed
Online flying easy tearing line marking speed 280-300m/min(Adjustable)
Repeat LocationAccuracy
High Precision Sensor
RGB sensor (imported from Japan) detecting response time 200μs ,Chinese made analog encoder
Power Supply
AC 220V-380V/50Hz-60Hz (1.5~2.0KW)

Machine Application

Machine Application

Warranty: One Year

We offer free One year warranty and durable maintenance&repair support for the purchased machines. Within the warranty time, we are responsible for the cost-free repair once the equipments fail or the machines break down(except human factor and force majeure causes) and we shall offer the replacement parts for free(except consumed parts). During the non-warranty time, we just charge the flat cost based on actual cost of repair.

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