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Sunic Laser attended Canton Fair 2023

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Sunic Laser attended Canton Fair 2023


Tens of thousands of buyers and exhibitors have converged on Guangzhou for the Canton Fair, with some participants predicting that the first on-site edition of the massive trade fair since Covid will result in a major boost to business.


April 15—19, 2023, Sunic Laser attended Canton Fair 2023, which was held at Guangzhou International Exhibition Center. Sunic Laser carefully prepared and successfully wrapped up its tour, with a superb level of technology, high performance.


During the Canton Fair, the machines of SUNIC LASER will conduct uninterrupted proofing demonstrations from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm every day. Many customers interested in related products came to the booth to communicate with our staff.


The exhibition was successful! Sunic Laser had shown its profession, high-technology and high quality. We really appreciated that many visitors came to us with many questions and signed contracts after watching machine’s working process. We received many straight praises via these days, and it is a matter of pride for us to show our machines to the customers around the world and get recognition. Sunic Laser always dedicates to providing the best machines and service!


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