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Super Dynamic CO2 laser marking machine exquisitely engraved paper

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Super Dynamic CO2 laser marking machine exquisitely engraved paper

    A creative greeting card can not only show personal taste, but also convey your sincerity to the recipient of the card.

    In order to enable greeting cards to engrave more complex and creative patterns, Sunic Laser has been focusing on the laser industry for 24 years, and has independently developed a super laser for greeting cards with years of industry experience. The hollowing machine solves the problems of traditional paper products with single form, long processing time, high material loss and unenvironmental protection, and the paper product industry has entered a new era.


“800mm*800mm large-format paper product cutting, ultra-fine spot punching and engraving, and 15000mm/s ultra-fast marking speed" are the advantages of Sunic super dynamic CO2 laser marking machine—SCM2000.


The super dynamic CO2 laser marking machine is equipped with a 50mm aperture galvo scanner system,comparing with normal series,super model's cutting line width is more slim,less residual black impurities,cutting result is more clean,delicate and beautiful.Especially for large working area processing,the advantage is more obviously.


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