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The advantages of fiber laser marking

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Unlike other technologies, laser marking is indelible and resistant to wear, heat and acids. For code marking, this is essential to guarantee the traceability of the component over time. For the logo markings or graphics, this increases the recognition and quality of the brand.

  • Direct marking on plastic does not involve any cost for consumables, such as inks, chemicals, pastes or sprays;

  • Direct marking avoids all costs for the disposal of chemicals;

  • No preventive or subsequent treatment necessary for laser processing;

  • Lower risk of wear and tear (and therefore necessary replacement) of mechanical parts.


The absence of toxic chemicals that are difficult to dispose of also helps the environment, preventing the release of harmful liquids and gases into the air or water.
  • It is possible to create markings in a very short time, even with variable content (e.g. serial numbers, codes)

  • A wide range of different marking can be done without retooling or changing tools on the machine

Laser marking allows you to create even the thinnest and most detailed geometric shapes with extreme precision.
5656456 Laser marking processes on plastics
  • The laser makes it possible to create any shape or design, as well as all types of codes;

  • It makes it possible to trace characters with minimum-sized fonts and geometric designs while maintaining clear readability;

  • It is possible to do photoengraving in a short time;

  • No need to lock or secure materials firmly

  • Time savings and guaranteed optimal results


The laser marker is able to interface with factory systems by automatically generating progressive codes and serial numbers and performing continuous processing.


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