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The effect of power on engraving

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The effect of power on engraving

We know that there are many aspects of the machine for engraving that will affect the engraving effect, such as power, speed, blowing, focal length, interval, etc. It can be said that different factors have different effects on engraving. In fact, the power is put in the first place, of course, because we often set a parameter. The parameters of power are set differently to get different engraving results. When the carving power is greater, the laser engraving energy will be greater, the greater the impact on the carved object. When the energy is smaller, the smaller the laser energy, the smaller the impact on the engraved object, the greater the power, the higher the energy, the deeper the engraving "and vice versa" the smaller the power, the smaller the energy, the shallower the engraving


The size of the power setting is proportional to the energy of the laser (with other parameters set constant). Therefore, when engraving, you can set the power level according to your needs to make the best results.

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