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Using your Laser Cutting and Engraving machines for hobby activities

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Using your Laser Cutting and Engraving machines for hobby activities

Perhaps the most popular laser cutting and engraving machines out there are for industrial and commercial uses.  However, lasers have evolved into more flexible and easy-to-use machines that allow other applications apart from industrial and commercial applications.

ARGUS Laser has in stock laser cutting and engraving machines that suits hobby activities, craft business and other personal uses.  These lasers are not only popular, but they also have all the great features of industrial laser cutting and engraving machines and may come in a more convenient and sizeable size. These machines are a perfect blend of size, power and price to make micro-manufacturing a reality in a developing small workshop movement.

Laser cutting and engraving machines represent innovative safety designs that prevent user injuries as well as damages to the machine.  With their marking technology, they can conveniently mark materials using quick pulses of the laser to create crisp images and images from original arts.  Likewise, the engraving technology allows users create amazing pieces of unique craftsmanship.


In addition to these, our lasers are solutions to the needs of every craft business operator out there who is interested in achieving outstanding results without having to break the bank. They are applicable in various hobby activates and craft businesses, including:

1.arts and crafts






With their ability to handle a wide range of various materials, ARGUS Laser lasers can cut, up to 1300*900mm, the following materials:Wood Acrylic  Leather Paper and Cardboard Glass Rubber Fabric

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