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What a Fiber Laser Marking Machine Can Do For You

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What a Fiber Laser Marking Machine Can Do For You

If you are just entering into the world of marking, you are coming in at a very opportune time.

This is because this industry has old and new technologies that together make marking a very interesting, beautiful and profitable undertaking.

And none of the technologies are as flexible and intriguing as fiber laser marking.

Industrial Applications of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Automotive industry

The automotive industry has become one of the largest users of this technology. It is estimated that a car is made of roughly 30,000 parts, which are either made up of steel, aluminum, copper, special fiber or plastic, all varying in shape and size.

The following are some of the applications where part marking is achieved using a fiber laser marker in the automotive industry;

  • Marking seat belt components with information such as country of origin, serial numbers and barcodes.

  • Marking various components and button on the dashboard. These need to be well visible during the day and illuminated at night. Therefore, day and night markings are used.

  • Other materials such as ceramics used to make spark plugs can also be marked using these method too.

You’ll also find Fiber Laser markings on engine blocks, automotive sensors, chassis VIN number and motorcycle parts.


One of the biggest concerns with markings in this industry is readability and traceability. Parts ought to be traced to their country of origins and markings be machine readable. It is for this reason Fiber Lasers have noted increased usage in the recent past.

Integrated Circuit Industry

Integrated circuit elements are the most important units used to build circuits and systems. The Fiber Laser marking machine can be used to make markings on Integrated Circuits boards and semiconductor components, including text and graphics.


No mechanical pressure is generated due to the non-contact processing mechanism. The laser beam is extremely thin hence can be integrated on small components including capacitors and crystal oscillators.

Electronics Industry

In such a fast-evolving industry, it is crucial that efficiency is prioritized and the need to match the ever-increasing demand. This demand also expects quality and safety too. TVs, Laptops and smartphones are all made up of tiny and small substances.

electrical parts marking

Fiber Laser marking is the most efficient for marking in this industry because of its ability to work with minute elements without damaging the surrounding material.

Medical Industry

Health establishments and manufacturers of medical equipment are subject to very strict standards in terms of position, size and content of the marking, thereby leaving no room for error.

Markings must be resistant to cleaning with acid, corrosion and sterilization and high temperatures.

knife marking

Tools may become smaller and process more efficient. But high quality and safety remain the foremost priorities in this industry. Fiber Lasers have therefore become popular for markings in this industry, considering quality, cost-effectiveness, speed, reliability and adaptability.

The following are some of the most common reasons why Fiber Laser markings are used in the medical industry;

  • Traceability of Medical equipment: The internal medical personnel in health establishment need to be able to track and locate the medical devices in their hospitals. They should also be able to clearly read and make out each instrument through the sterilization process.

  • Identification of medical prostheses: Medical prostheses need to have a medical number or logo based on alphanumeric series retrieved from a dedicated database.

  • Traceability of Individual Biofluid Storage Containers.

Jewelry and Accessories Industry

Fiber Laser machines can be used on precious stones such as gold and silver to make markings. The reasons for making inscriptions on precious stone could be the following;

  • Brand names: Jewel brands could inscribe their jewels with their names or logos so as to identify their jewels from those of competitors.

  • Easier Identification: By adding a unique serial text or numbers, the jewel can be recognized later. It is important to keep this identifier a secret to avoid forgery.

  • Insurance requirement: An insurance agency may require a jewel to be inscribed.

  • Personal dedication: A personal may wish to add an inscription to a jewel as part of a dedication to a loved one.


Fiber Laser markings are used in the jewelry industry due to absolute precision, reliability and the fact that it does not damage the surrounding parts only marking the intended parts.

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