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What are the advantages of robotic laser welding machines

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What are the advantages of robotic laser welding machines

Undeniably, robotic laser welding machine is a perfect union of robot and metal laser bursting machine, not only solved the welding process of manual manipulation of the messenger, but also a good solution to the difficulties of the previous welding initiative, then for today's so advanced, high-end high-quality robotic laser welding machine equipment, its relative to the traditional machine it has what advantages?

First, good welding quality and high precision

For high-quality reliable robot laser welding machine, he is not only small heat-affected zone weld quality, but also not easy to breed tightness, deformation and thermal cracking and other thermal side effects, which not only ensures the high quality of the robot laser welding machine welding, but also for the later on the precision of product processing has laid the foundation, so that its weld performance is commensurate with or better than some of the base material.

Second, can realize the regulation and monitoring

Professional manufacturing of high-specification robotic laser welding machine can not only achieve the laser core power, but also according to the actual processing requirements for dynamic regulation, and at the same time the robotic laser welding machine can also be timely monitoring of the processing process, so the staff in the necessary to monitor the welding work according to the monitoring of the welding work in order to adjust the effective improvement.

Third, through a small diameter fiber

Robotic laser welding machine another big advantage is that it generates light energy, can be transmitted to the workpiece through a small diameter fiber to a very long distance, and then through the operation of the robot can complete the welding work. In addition, robotic laser welding machine can accept the laser fiber delivery, and in this way, it can also realize the energy source and processing equipment in the space deployment of the separation of equipment.

Robot laser welding machine sample

It can also be seen that the reason why the good evaluation of the robot laser welding machine has today's good reputation, high reputation, not only because it is very good to improve the labor environment, improve the appearance of the welded parts and the inner quality, but also because it can realize the traditional equipment can not reach the monitoring and regulation of the powerful functions, of course, also lies in the robot laser welding machine to achieve the welding of the high efficiency, high precision, as well as high flexibility.

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