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What can you do with a Fiber Laser Engraver?

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What can you do with a Fiber Laser Engraver?

14:38:57The fiber laser engraver is also famous as a fiber laser engraving machine. In some cases, it can be a fiber laser marking machine too. A fiber laser engraving machine is a solid-state laser engraver where the laser engraver machine amplifies the laser beam using glass fibers. Since the fiber laser can produce a minimal focal diameter, this machine can make finer engraving than CO2 Laser engravers. As a result, fiber laser engraving machine is famous for many business ideas.

Keeping that in mind, we have prepared this article to highlight some business ideas you can develop using a fiber laser engraving machine. This excellent guide will also give you an idea of materials you can engrave using the fiber laser engraver machine.

Where can you do profitable business with a fiber laser engraving machine?

Fiber laser engraver machine is widely popular in most industry types. The primary uses of fiber laser engraver machines are logo making, marking words, brands, dates, series, photos, QR codes, etc. engraving signage, engraving model number on metallic products, jewelry engraving, engraved bricks, etc. Besides, fiber laser engravers can work with almost all types of materials. The later article section will briefly discuss the materials you can engrave on a fiber laser engraver machine.

However, this section describes the industry where you can do profitable business with fiber laser engraver machines. It is important to note that fiber laser engraver machine is comparatively more expensive than CO2 laser engraver and others. Therefore, we suggest you determine the business type in which you will invest such an amount.

Electronics and Circuits

Laser engraving in the electronics industry has a significant impact on quality products. Laser engraving is undoubtedly a non-contact process and environmentally safe. However, a fiber laser engraver creates permanent engraving on all electronic products. Therefore, laser-engraved electronic products need less maintenance.

fiber laser engraver

How can you use a fiber laser engraver machine in this industry?

  • Marking PCB boards improves a brand’s popularity. The laser engraving business for engraving on PCB boards can be one of your business ideas.

  • Electronic covers or housing engraving: Every electronic product requires labelled specifications. The laser engraver machine makes quality labeling that lasts forever.

  • SMD Components such as the transistor, oscillators, diodes, resistors, microchips, etc., need high-quality markings on top of these components.

Automotive industry

The fiber laser engraver machine produces good beam quality and tiny focus points, resulting in long-lasting engraving on automobile parts and components. This excellent machine can engrave almost everything with visible details and touchable high-quality icons.

How can you use a fiber laser engraver machine in this industry?

  • Marking words, letters, numbers, or logos on automobile parts such as connecting rods, water pumps, pistons and rings, engine housing, gearbox, sealing strips, radiators, wipers, etc., can be one of your business idea in the automobile sector.

  • Demands for engraving on the curved surface increased dramatically. Fiber laser engraving machines can engrave on both plain and curved surfaces.

  • Automobile plastic components such as driver displays, plastic buttons for air conditioners, speakers, calls, etc., require high-quality marking.

Medical appliances

Most medical equipment requires a colourless label, so the colour particles don’t affect any operations. As mentioned fiber laser engraver machine produces a minimal focal diameter resulting in durable engraving on the metal surface.

How can you use a fiber laser engraver machine in this industry?

  • Almost every component used in the medical industry requires labeling on it. Specially for surgical equipment need high-quality engraving.

  • The pharmaceutical sector requires tools for developing medicine for treatment purposes.

  • Besides, the first aid box, which has the highest sales in all markets, can be the target of your business plans.


Fiber laser engraving machine is the most popular in the jewelry industry. The use of this excellent machine increased drastically in the jewelry industry. The fiber laser engraver machine can make fine details from the design, which attracts the customer the most. Rings, bracelets, earrings, crowns, unique lighters, keyrings, etc., are fiber laser engravers’ most common products.

How can you use a fiber laser engraver machine in this industry?

  • Different types of boyz and girls’ bracelet engraving are trendy in the jewelry market.

  • You can do better with fiber laser engraving machines if you own a jewelry company.

  • Unique engravings such as names, letters, hearts, etc., on the curved surface of rings, earrings, crowns, etc., can also be one of the best services you can provide with a fiber laser engraver machine.

Gifts and Signage

Another excellent place to do a profitable business is the showpieces and gift items. Gifts can be precious if it is unique and meaningful. Gift items can be expensive based on the uniqueness of the design. On the other hand, signage with beautiful calligraphy also attracts people. Therefore, you can make various creative products using an ideal fiber laser engraver machine.

How can you use a fiber laser engraver machine in this industry?

  • Keyrings, dog belts, wine bottles, door crafts, nameplates, surprise boxes, water pots, wall canvas, gift boxes, etc., are the most common crafts ideal for starting a laser engraving machine.

  • Various signage such as entry boards, company profiles, and routes to the destination is the typical example of signage that you can make from a fiber laser engraver machine.


  • Other services like phone back covers, DIY kits, paper cutting, book covers, engraved photos, album frames, etc., can be excellent choices for starting a laser engraving business.

  • Laser engraving on glasses can also be an excellent choice for a fiber laser engraver machine.

  • Fundraisers are also one of the most popular laser engraving products these days. A fiber laser engraver machine for fundraising engraved bricks could be a good start.

  • Leather products such as bags, belts, shoes, moneybags, etc., can also be a good start for a laser engraving business.

  • The cloth industry also requires fiber laser engraver machines for jeans, leather jackets, hoodies, winter clothes, etc.

What materials can you engrave with a fiber laser engraving machine?

We are now aware of what fiber laser engraving equipment can do. However, we will talk about the materials you can use in this part. We will also indicate the minimum laser power levels you must use to engrave the appropriate materials. Using HiSPeed Laser engraver devices, you may also watch the youtube videos for engraving on each type of material.

1.     Stainless Steel

Stainless steel can be of different types, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, etc. No matter what steel you are working with, it would be best if you determined at least 50W of laser power to engrave.

Laser engraved Products: casting parts, high-quality steel knives, steel mugs, etc.

2.      Other Metals

Other metals, such as aluminium, gi sheet, gold, etc., are some soft metal materials that require at least 30W laser power for engraving. Gold and silver are the primary metals in the jewelry industry. However, you can engrave gold and silver with a 20W laser engraver. Yet, 30W would be the best choice.

Laser engraved Products: jewelry, signage, trophy, medals, etc. 

3.      Wood

A typical 20W laser power is the minimum for engraving wood. However, 30-40W would be the best choice for deep engraving. It is important to note that, compared to a fiber laser, a CO2 Laser engraver is the best for wood engraving, considering the power economy.

Laser engraved products: Signage, branded photos, showpieces, picture frames, etc.

4.      Plastics and Acrylics

Fiber laser engraver machines for plastic and acrylic can be better than other laser source machines. A typical 20-30W laser engraver machine is suitable for these materials.

Laser engraved products: PVC pipe, buttons, electronics plastic housing, charger housing, etc.

5.      Glass

For engraving on glasses, 30W of power is required. Fast engraving may benefit from a power level greater than 30W. Any glass, regardless of shape, may often be engraved. The standard procedure is straightforward: a rotating engraving attachment revolves as the laser engraves. Consequently, the engraved letters are evenly distributed throughout a curved surface.

Laser engraved Products: mirror, crystals, champagne glasses, wine, and water glasses.

6.      Leather

One of the most often used materials for laser engraving is leather. Most leather manufacturers now use fiber laser engraving equipment to produce thousands of leather goods. The fiber laser engraver is a well-known tool for cutting and engraving leather. Leather may be cut and engraved using standard 25W to 40W laser engraving equipment.

Laser engraved products: Bookmarks, wallets,  shoes, bracelets, coasters, book covers, leather ornaments, etc.

7.      Paper

Laser engraving on paper requires a low-powered laser engraver machine. A typical 20W laser engraver is suitable for paper engraving and cutting.

Laser engraved Products: Paper cards for special days, barcode marking, company profile markings, etc.

wide application


A fiber laser engraving machine is an excellent business investment. There are lots of business ideas on which you can start or continue your creative business.

However, contact our customer support if you have any queries regarding these machines. Our expert customer representatives are waiting to answer all your valuable questions.

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