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What is a laser engraving machine for wood

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What is a laser engraving machine for wood

A laser engraving machine for wood is numerically controlled equipment that can apply high quality engraving on wood-based materials, such as plywood, MDF, chipboard, cardboard, and solid wood.

Laser wood engravers most often refer to a laser wood machine with carbon dioxide, i.e. CO2 laser source.

It is noteworthy that this laser engraving machine for wood can process not only plywood, MDF, chipboard, and other wood-based materials, but also the following materials:

  • Plastics (acrylic, PET, ABS, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and others);

  • Rubber;

  • Fabric;

  • Leather and faux leather;

  • Stone;

  • Ceramics;

  • WOOD

Simple and intuitive operation. Laser engravers for wood work on a CNC (numerical control) basis; all laser movements follow a set programme. All you need to do is prepare an image in a vector editor (you can use pre-made images), adjust the speed and power, and start the process. It takes 1-2 hours to learn the basics of using a laser wood engraving machine.

High quality and repeatability. Thanks to CNC (numerical control), laser engraving machines ensure consistently high quality products with minimum possibility of rejects. A properly configured laser wood engraver produces a 100% repeatable product.

Working with a variety of materials. A laser wood engraving machine works not only with plywood and wood but also with many other materials. This expands the range of possible products. For example, you can engrave on leather, plastic, glass or stone, as well as combinations of these materials.

What products can be made on a laser engraving machine for wood?

Every day we come across products made on a laser machine. A lot of products are made of plywood.

The sign in the bakery, the napkin holders in the café, the wallet and phone case, the magnet on the fridge all are made with a laser wood engraving machine.

A laser engraving machine works with both vector and bitmap images and is capable of applying photographic images on plywood, wood, MDF, and other materials.

Laser engraving machines for wood have the following scope of application:

Advertising and information products. POS materials, logos, nameplates, signs, ticket numbers.

Wooden souvenirs. Magnets, key chains, postcards, and other souvenirs are made with a wood laser engraver. The texture of the material is suitable for applying drawings, inscriptions, and logos.

Children's toys, puzzles, and jigsaws.

Personalized gifts. Wooden portraits, wall panels or paintings, as well as personalized engraved items.

Engraved phone cases. Both wooden and leather or plastic ones. Engraving makes the accessory unique; it is possible to have it engraved to the customer's specifications

How to choose a laser engraving machine for wood

First, you have to decide whether you need engraving or both, engraving and cutting. If only engraving, pay attention to CO2 laser markers, for example, the ARGUS CO2


Operation speed up to 2000 mm;

Accuracy 0,01 mm;

A laser tube service life up to 10000 hours;

A compact desktop laser engraving machine for wood;

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