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What is fiber laser marking machine?

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What is fiber laser marking machine?

I believe that now people are not unfamiliar with the marking machine. But does anyone understand fiber laser marking machines? I think the answer is no. This invention actually helps people a lot, more or less, both on a daily basis and in a professional way. Then, let's introduce in detail what is fiber laser marking machine?


Here is the content list:

l Application of analytical

l Application research on

l Application field


Application of analytical

A fiber laser marking machine is a kind of laser with rare-earth-doped glass fiber as the gain medium. In recent years, fiber laser marking machine has become a hot spot in laser physics research. Everyone agrees that fiber laser marking machines may replace solid-state lasers. A comprehensive new generation of products. Fiber lasers can be developed based on fiber amplifiers: under the action of pump light, high power density is easily formed in the fiber, which leads to the "population inversion" of the laser energy level of the laser working medium. When the positive feedback loop is appropriately added (to form a resonant cavity), the laser oscillation output can be formed. Fiber laser marking machines use laser beams of various materials on the permanently marked surface. The marking effect is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material or cause the physical change of the surface material to "engrave" the mark, or burn part of the material through light energy to display the pattern, text, bar code and other graphics that need to be etched.

Application research on

Refers to the so-called optical fiber laser marking machine is using a fiber laser, fiber laser has a small volume (without the water-cooling device, the use of air), good beam quality (die), is a maintenance-free vibration characteristic mainly consists of a laser, lens, marking card of three parts, the production of fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser beam quality is good, the output center is 1064 nm, The life of the fiber laser marking machine is about 100,000 hours, longer than the life of other types of laser marking device, the electro-optical conversion efficiency of more than 28%, compared with other types of fiber laser marking machine 2%-10% conversion efficiency advantage is great, outstanding performance in energy saving and environmental protection.


Application field

Fiber laser marking machine is widely used in integration, computer accessories, electronic communication products, aerospace components, wires and cables, circuit chips, industrial bearings, auto parts, watches, household appliances, molds, hardware tools, food packaging, Tobacco, jewelry, as well as mass production lines and military things such as graphic markings and many other fields.

See here you should understand, the fiber laser marking machine is a very good invention. In many cases, having it saves a lot of work. I believe many people are looking for a good quality fiber laser marking machine. You can also make the move to buy one. If there's anything else you need to check out, just go to ArgusLaser's website and check it out. There's something you want.

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