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What is jeans laser marking machine?

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What is jeans laser marking machine?

Denim is a fashion that never ebbs. From the 19th century to the present, no matter how the fashion trend goes back and forth, the time of denim is indispensable to follow. Jeans, denim skirts, denim shirts, denim bags and other products have always been popular among the public. Cowboy culture has become a global collective trend. The production of denim clothing requires multiple complex processes such as dyeing, weaving, cutting, sewing, and washing. The key factor that determines the effect of denim clothing is the finishing process. Laser burning technology solves this process problem well. How much do you know the machines that specialize in the process?

Here is the list of the article:

l  Why do we need jeans laser marking machine?

l  What is the working principle of jeans laser marking machine?

l  What are the advantages of jeans laser marking machine?

Why do we need jeans laser marking machine?

Traditional clothing fabrics with artistic patterns mainly use a variety of printing and dyeing processing techniques to make different dyes color the fibers of the fabric through patterns to form patterns. In addition, there are other chemical methods or through thermal transfer or digital printing to form floral patterns on apparel fabrics. However, most of them are the traditional printing methods of textile fabrics. The production process is long, the pattern is single, and the change procedure is complicated. The production process involves environmental protection restrictions, especially the increasing demand for the personalized artistic effect of clothing fabrics.

With the characteristics of high degree of customization of laser engraving process, fast engraving speed, strong flexibility, etc., patterns and LOGO can be drawn on the clothing fabric at will to make the product more beautiful. So we need jeans laser marking machine to achieve the goal.

What is the working principle of jeans laser marking machine?

The working principle of the jeans laser marking machine is to emit a high-intensity laser through a CO2 laser tube. The advanced laser optical system is used to engrave and perforate various fabrics to create a fashionable and trend-leading effect. Laser burning is processed according to the background color of the clothing fabric, with layered transitional colors, with a unique, natural and simple style. Laser burning is mainly used in clothing, home textiles, home decoration and other industries, and is suitable for leather, denim, fabrics, etc.

What are the advantages of jeans laser marking machine?

1. Ecological and environmental protection

There is no need to use chemical reagents and water when using jeans laser marking machine, and general washing can be carried out after processing, which shortens the traditional tedious process of washing, greatly reduces pollutant emissions, and conforms to the current trend of developing a green economy.

2. Rich equipment and technology

The effects of cat whiskers, monkeys, tattered, worn, snowflakes and various personalized patterns can be adjusted on various denim fabrics. The texture is clear and will never fade.

3. Personalization

In addition to traditional crafts such as monkeys, cat whiskers, tattered, fried snowflakes, etc., jeans laser marking machine can also process any personalized scribbled graphics such as characters, signs, patterns, numbers, etc. The value of creative design is fully reflected by laser.

4. Cost-effective

According to the different patterns, jeans laser marking machine only takes 20-40s to process a pair of jeans, power consumption 0.01-0.05kW•h and no water consumption. A single machine replaces 6 hand wipers, and the hourly cost is 7 yuan.

5. Low dependence on manpower

The operation of jeans laser marking machine is simple and easy, no professional talents are needed, and novices can operate the machine within 3 days of training.

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