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What is the principle of the UV laser marking machine?

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What is the principle of the UV laser marking machine?

The UV laser marking machine belongs to the series of laser marking machines, but it is developed by using a 355nm ultraviolet laser. The 355 ultraviolet light has a very small focus spot, which can reduce the mechanical deformation of the material to a large extent and has little processing heat impact. It is mainly used for ultra-fine marking and engraving and is especially suitable for applications such as marking, micro-hole drilling of food and medical packaging materials, high-speed division of glass materials, and complex pattern cutting of silicon wafers. Then, let's introduce in detail what is the principle of the UV laser marking machine?

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l Working principle

l Main features

l Applications

Working principle

The UV laser marking machine is a series of laser marking machines, so the principle is similar to that of the laser marking machine, and the laser beam is used to make permanent marks on the surface of various materials. The effect of the UV laser marking machine is to directly break the molecular chain of the substance through the short-wavelength laser (different from the evaporation of the surface substance produced by the long-wave laser to expose the deep substance) to show the pattern and text to be etched.

Main features

UV laser marking machine adopts ultraviolet laser light source and third-order cavity frequency doubling technology. Compared with an infrared laser, 355nm ultraviolet laser has a small spot and large focal depth. Short-wavelength laser marking breaks the molecular chain of materials, which can greatly reduce the mechanical properties of materials. Deformation and temperature distortion are cold light. They are mainly used for ultra-precision marking and engraving. They are especially suitable for food and pharmaceutical packaging materials, micro-holes, high-speed glass slitting, and wafer cutting on silicon materials with complex patterns. UV laser marking machine is an ultraviolet laser beam generated by a high-power multi-mode diode-pumped laser after re-frequency multiplication. It is deflected and marked by a computer-controlled high-speed scanning galvanometer to automatically change the path of the laser beam.


UV laser marking machine is mainly used for precision processing of high-end market, handicrafts, medicine, cosmetics, film, and other polymer material packaging bottles, with high marking accuracy, durability, better than ink printing, and no pollution; flexible PCB marking and marking, UV laser marking machine can also be used for silicon wafer micro-hole and blind hole processing; LCD glass two-dimensional code marking, glass product drilling, metal surface coating marking, plastic buttons, communication equipment, electronics, gifts, building materials, etc. can also be used Use UV laser marking machine.

ARGUS UV laser marking machine is developed with a 355nm UV laser, focused spot is extremely small, which can greatly reduce the mechanical deformation of the material and has little effect on processing heat.UV lasers at 355nm provide a small-size spot and a large depth of focus, marking by short wavelength laser interrupts molecular chains of material, which can greatly reduce the mechanical deformation and temperature distortion of materials, it is a cold light, mainly used for super-precise marking and engraving, particularly suitable for food, pharmaceutical packaging material marking, microporous.

Wuhan Sunic Photoelectricity Equipment Manufacture CO., LTD has carried out a lot of tests on the UV laser marking machine before leaving the factory, and the quality can be guaranteed. If you are engaged in the business of UV laser marking machines, you can consider using our cost-effective CO2 Laser Marker products.

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