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What to produce on a CO2 laser machine?

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What to produce on a CO2 laser machine?

CNC CO2 laser machines process organic materials. Such equipment performs two types of machining: cutting and engraving.

A laser machine cuts and engraves:

  • wood, plywood, MDF, and other wood-based materials;

  • polymers and plastics, such as PET, acrylic, polypropylene foam or foam;

  • rubber,

  • paronite,

  • cardboard and paper

  • fabric, fur, leather, and faux leather.


  • stone,

  • ceramics,

  • glass and mirror

How is laser created in a CO2 machine?

A laser beam is a narrowly focused monochromatic coherent stimulated emission initiated in an active carbon dioxide medium by an external energy factor.

Or simply put. A CO2 laser machine is equipped with a laser tube. It is a glass flask filled with a mixture of gases: carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and helium. The machine feeds electrical energy into the emitter, which is converted into the laser emission due to the gas mixture, mainly carbon. This is why such machine tools are called CO2 machines.

The advantages of laser processing

Laser cutting and engraving is popular and in high demand due to a number of advantages:

Processing speed. Engraving is performed at a speed of up to 2000 mm/s, and cutting at a speed of 500 mm/s depending on the material and its thickness.

A list of materials: wood, plywood, MDF, chipboard, acrylic, PET, foam, and other plastics and polymers, rubber, stone and ceramic, mirror and glass, cardboard, paper, different types of fabric, fur, and leather.

High quality of a final product. Laser cutting produces a perfectly even and smooth edge, and when engraving, you can adjust the parameters to achieve the desired image contrast.

The small diameter of a laser beam allows you to arrange items back to back on a sheet of material-saving material.

What machine tool to buy?

Any laser machine can both cut and engrave, but laser engravers differ in the following parameters:

working area size from 400*300 mm to 1300*900 mm;

laser tube power from 30 W to 150 W.

Features of the laser cutter:

working area size from 1300*900 mm to 1300*2500 mm;

laser tube power from 80 W to 300 W.

Therefore, before buying a machine, it is better to determine the tasks you plan to perform and the products you want to produce on the purchased machine.

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