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When the greeting card meets technology, it is heartfelt and stylish

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When the greeting card meets technology, it is heartfelt and stylish

A greeting card is a token of appreciation and a wish. Whenever there is a happy event or a blessing coming, people will always pass the good news to their friends and relatives through greeting cards. With the development of the times, the traditional uniform greeting cards have gradually withdrawn from the stage, followed by a variety of highly creative and innovative greeting cards come into view.


In order to create more detailed, creative and complex graphics, Wuhan Sunic Laser has developed its own greeting card laser marking machine (SCM-2000), which integrates cutting, engraving, marking and hollowing all in one! 


It is a new processing machine specially developed for the paper products industry, which reduces labor costs with its automatic features, eliminates the cost of secondary mold opening, and can design any pattern; it can solve the problems of traditional paper products in a single form, long processing time and material depletion, and is more suitable for customization.

In addition, the high-speed galvo marking system can also better guarantee and improve the cutting efficiency. The edges of greeting cards cut with laser marking machine-SCM2000  are smooth and smooth, without yellow and burnt edges, which can greatly guarantee the quality of greeting cards.


Laser technology gives greeting cards a new and different glow. Creating your own unique brand with laser technology is the greeting card engraving solution that Wuhan Sunic Laser offers you.

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