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Your Top Laser Cut Paper Questions, Answered

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Your Top Laser Cut Paper Questions, Answered

Below are answers to the most common laser cut paper questions we get. If you have more, contact ARGUS LASER  and we’ll answer them for you!


Paper can be Laser Cut? How does that Work?

Though it seems like it could be a fire hazard… yes, you can cut paper with a laser (and it’s perfectly safe). 

Where traditional die cutting uses a sharp die to cut paper into a custom shape, laser cutting is electronic, 

using a digital file and a laser beam to cut paper into a custom shape – no die needed.

You can also score, perforate, kiss-cut, and engrave paper with a laser. How cool it that?

What are the Benefits of Laser Cut Paper?

Laser cut paper has lots of benefits, especially when it comes to smaller budgets, one-offs or prototypes, or custom cut designs that need to be completed yesterday.

  • Save money – no need to pay for a costly die (all you need is a digital outline)

  • Save time – no need to wait for the die to be made

  • Get finer detail – lasers are able to cut super intricate detail into paper that other forms of die cutting are not

  • Create any shape, fast – so long as you can digitally mock it up, a laser can most likely cut it out of paper.

All this savings and versatility makes laser cut paper popular with stationery, packaging, and branding designers alike.


Are there Brown Edges on Laser Cut Paper?

We won’t sugarcoat it. Yes, sometimes laser cut paper has discolored (brown, burnt) edges. Due to the fact that lasers technically cut the paper by burning it, it’s inevitable, though subtle.

We’ve seen it, we’ve done a lot of research on it, and here is our full and honest take on it:

1.Discolored edges on laser cut paper is a thing.

2.It is most noticeable on light colored paper

3.It is most noticeable when laser cut papers are stacked.

4.Adjusting settings on the laser cutter reduces edge discoloration, and LCI Paper customizes settings for each order for clean cuts with minimal discoloration.

Shown right, a stack of white laser cut circle cards.

What Paper is Best for Laser Cutting?

Any! We have done lots of research and learned that we can successfully laser cut paper and cardstock thick and thin, matte and metallic, smooth and textured…

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