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Advantages of laser dotting and engraving for lighting

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Advantages of laser dotting and engraving for lighting

Production of light LGP / BLU panels

LGP (Light Guide Panel) light panels, also called BLU panels (Back Light Unit), are used as backlit advertising areas or lighting areas in luminaires. In the plexiglass panel, there are laser-engraved tiny dots or lines that guide the light, supplied by LEDs typically located on two or all four edges of the panel.

The advantages over panels backlit by fluorescent or incandescent lamps are:

  • Lower consumption – LEDs are an energy-saving light source.

  • Lower consumption than full-area backlit LED panels – fewer diodes are enough.

  • For quality panels, very even backlighting, unattainable for fluorescent or incandescent lamps.

  • The panel is cold – it does not emit heat.

  • Possibility to engrave any shape – the inscription, logo or raster image lights up in the panel.


Methods of BLU panel production:

  • Screen printing: the dotted raster is printed on the panel by screen printing. The cheapest, but the lowest quality variant. The panel shines less, the raster is uneven, the color changes hue over time.

  • Mechanical grooving: it is slower, really small spacings cannot be created. Suitable for some atypical applications.

  • Nanotechnologies and microlenses: new technologies being developed. So far, they are too expensive for normal use.

  • Laser dotting: currently the best price / performance ratio. Production is fast and precise.

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