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Application Of LCD Light Guide Plate Laser Dotting Machine In TV Industry

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Application Of LCD Light Guide Plate Laser Dotting Machine In TV Industry

In people's daily life, the most indispensable household appliances that are used most frequently are television sets. Some people may say that if you want a TV to do now, every household has a computer, and you can watch anything you want. In fact, no matter how the times change and how the society develops, TV sets cannot fade out of people's lives. Imagine that there are guests at home, and everyone sits on the sofa and chats with each other on the sofa after dinner. What a warm thing it should be. If the TV is replaced by a computer, everyone is watching TV around the computer and thinking about the picture, it is really a bit of a violation.


With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the appearance of TV sets has been greatly changed. In the past, they used to have a large TV case, but people gradually found that the large case was inconvenient to carry and cumbersome to use. So began to transform the TV, so there is the ultra-thin LCD TV we see now, just like a mobile phone, it is getting thinner and thinner. The most popular ones on the market now are large-size ultra-thin LCD TVs, such as 50-inch, 60-inch, 70-inch, and so on. And it is the light guide plate laser dotting machine that processes these large sizes.

The 3D dynamic focusing and engraving of the light guide plate laser dot machine is large, fast and suitable for processing materials of different thicknesses. The system is powerful and suitable for any graphics and screen processing. It is more suitable for continuous processing of large quantities and multiple varieties. For processing LCD TV screens It is the most advantageous, it can process the largest size 65-inch LCD TV display, the stability of the LCD TV light guide plate laser dot machine is very good, fast and accurate, and can hit dense tiny light guide points.

What is the difference between the traditional silk screen light guide plate and the emerging laser light guide plate? 

The new type of laser light guide plate is physically formed, with better stability, moisture and corrosion resistance, and can be stocked. Long-term stability, safety and environmental protection. In contrast, the screen printing light guide plate ink is volatile, which is not only harmful to human health, but also not moisture-proof, weather-resistant, and poorly stable. Generally, it will be obviously dim after half a year, and the light decay will be serious. Although silk-screened light guides are cheaper, the EU still bans silk-screened light guides. 

The light guide plate laser dotting machine can achieve exactly the same micro-dot size on the light guide plate laser dot, and no matter how thick the light guide plate is, the uniformity of the light guide plate can be handled perfectly. Because this equipment is a special equipment for processing TV backlight module light guide plate outlets; Applicable materials: acrylic cast board, extruded board, PS board, PC board, etc.; large processing format, fast speed, small dots, and can fully replace silk screen and import Equipment; high quality and low price, comparable to imported technology and Chinese prices.


Moreover, the ink is volatile, and the stability of light guide is easily deteriorated; the chemical etching method is mainly for small liquid crystal display backlight products, and it is difficult to make large light guide plates... In contrast, the light guide plate laser dot machine uses uniform the laser dot layout, the light guide plate guides the light more uniformly, and the light uniformity can reach more than 90%. It is currently the most suitable laser dotting equipment for liquid crystal displays on the market.

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