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ARGUS LASER Shines at 2024 Shanghai APPP EXPO with Innovative Products, Capturing Attention

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ARGUS LASER Shines at 2024 Shanghai APPP EXPO with Innovative Products, Capturing Attention

Date: February 28-March 2, 2024

Location: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

Booth number: 7.2H-A0173

Booth area: 54m²


Recently, our company will participate in the International Printing Exhibition in Shanghai in February 2024. Through carefully planned booths and innovative products, we will demonstrate the company's latest technology and outstanding strength in the industry, attracting many audiences and industry professionals. people's attention.

Highlights of the exhibition: 


Innovative product display: Our company will display innovative products with leading technologies at this exhibition, covering many fields such as advertising printing, laser marking, and laser engraving. These products not only have excellent performance in performance, but also reflect the company's continuous investment in technology research and development and its accurate grasp of market demand.

Interactive experience area: In order to let the audience have a deeper understanding of the company's products, we have specially set up an interactive experience area to provide physical displays and on-site demonstrations, so that the audience can personally experience the superior performance and application value of the products. The on-site professional technical team is also ready to answer questions from the audience.

Communication with industry partners: During the exhibition, our company delegation had in-depth exchanges with partners in many industries to explore cooperation opportunities and jointly promote the development of the industry. Through communication and cooperation with partners, the company's products and technologies have also received more recognition.

Company representative spoke: Zenger, our company’s executive president, said: “Participating in this International Printing Exhibition is an important opportunity for our company to showcase to the market. We hope to demonstrate our company’s technical strength and innovative achievements to a broad audience through this exhibition. At the same time, we will use this platform to have in-depth exchanges with colleagues in the industry and jointly promote the development of the entire industry."

Looking to the future: Our company will continue to be committed to technological innovation and market expansion, provide customers with more high-quality products, and contribute to the development of the industry. We look forward to more cooperation and exchanges in the future to create a better future together.

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