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Briefly describe the difference between pulsed laser cleaner and continuous laser

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Briefly describe the difference between pulsed laser cleaner and continuous laser

Pulsed laser cleaners and continuous laser cleaners are two common types of laser cleaning equipment, and there are a number of differences between them in terms of principle, scope of application, cleaning effect, equipment cost and operation. These differences will be analyzed below and a detailed comparison of the two cleaning methods will be made.

Difference 1: the principle of the difference

Pulsed laser cleaning machine: Pulsed laser cleaning machine utilizes high-energy, high-frequency pulsed laser beams to instantly heat and cool the surface of the object, forming an instantaneous temperature gradient and thermal stress, so that the pollutants and the thin layer of coverings are dislodged from the surface. The principle is to produce high temperature and high pressure instantly through the brief, high-energy irradiation of laser pulses, which rapidly vaporizes or smashes the pollutants and achieves the cleaning effect.

Continuous laser cleaning: Continuous laser cleaning is the continuous emission of laser beams to heat the surface of the object to realize the cleaning effect. Continuous laser is characterized by a continuous and stable output of energy, and tends to clean the surface of the object more gently.

Difference 2: the difference in the scope of application

Pulsed laser cleaner: Pulsed laser cleaner is widely used in various industries, such as automobile manufacturing, electronic equipment, aerospace, semiconductor processing and so on. It can be used to remove a variety of contaminants, such as paint, oxides, welding slag and so on. Since pulsed laser cleaning is characterized by high energy and short action time, it is suitable for cleaning objects with high surface requirements.

Continuous laser cleaning: Continuous laser cleaning has some applications in the fields of medical equipment sterilization and paper cleaning. Compared with the pulsed laser, the continuous laser has lower energy, and is more suitable for the cleaning of objects that require continuous heating effect.


Difference 3: the comparison of cleaning effect

Pulsed laser cleaner: Pulsed laser cleaner can produce instantaneous high temperature and high pressure, effectively removing pollutants on the surface of the object, with better cleaning effect. Since pulsed laser cleaners have less impact on the substrate, they can clean all kinds of surfaces more safely.

Continuous laser cleaning: Due to the lower temperature of continuous laser, the cleaning effect is relatively weak and cannot deal with fragile or easily melted materials. However, continuous laser cleaning is usually effective in cleaning some of the rougher surfaces.

Difference 4: equipment cost and operation respectively

Pulsed laser cleaner: Pulsed laser cleaner usually requires higher equipment costs, because it can do zero damage to the collection, suitable for cleaning the substrate surface requirements of high products. At the same time, the operator needs to have certain professional knowledge and skills to ensure safe operation.

Continuous laser cleaners: Compared to pulsed laser cleaners, continuous laser cleaners have lower equipment costs and are suitable for large-scale industrial cleaning needs.

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