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Company incentive distribution

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Company incentive distribution

Date: December 29, 2023

With the vigorous development of the company's business, in order to further stimulate employees' enthusiasm for innovation and improve work enthusiasm, our company has decided to issue incentive bonuses to commend outstanding employees who have achieved significant performance in the past period of time.

Incentive bonus recipients:

This incentive bonus is awarded to employees who have performed well in various positions of the company and made outstanding contributions to the development of the company. Whether they achieve outstanding results in sales performance or demonstrate outstanding professional abilities in project management, innovative research and development, etc., these employees will be commended and rewarded by the company.

Amount of incentive bonus:

The amount of the incentive bonus will be based on the individual's contribution to the business, innovation results, and promotion of team collaboration. The company will ensure that the payment of incentive bonuses is fair and transparent to reflect the company's recognition and respect for the efforts of every employee.

How to issue incentive bonuses:

In order to facilitate employees' collection, incentive bonuses will be paid directly to employees' workers in the form of cash. The company will notify the winning employees in advance and turn on the bell ringing mode to express the company's gratitude and encouragement to them.

Behind the incentive bonus:

The company has always regarded employees as an important driving force for corporate development. The payment of incentive bonuses is not only recognition of past performance, but also expectations for employees' future efforts. The company hopes to inspire more employees to work in this way, create a good working atmosphere, and jointly contribute to the company's development.

The general manager’s comments on incentive bonuses:

The general manager of the company said: "The issuance of incentive bonuses is the company's recognition and feedback of employees' hard work and outstanding performance. It is also a way to stimulate employees' potential and promote corporate innovation and development. We hope that through this award, we can inspire more employees to work Passion, work together, and strive for more brilliant performance in the future of the company."

The issuance of this incentive bonus marks the company's high recognition of the contributions of its employees. It is believed that with the joint efforts of all employees of the company, there will be more eye-catching achievements and innovations in the future.

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