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Comparison between Laser Cutting Paper Products And Die Cutting

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Comparison between Laser Cutting Paper Products And Die Cutting

The paper laser engraving equipment adopts an aluminum structure and is driven by drive control throughout the entire working area to achieve stable quality. The laser optical path change is driven by two galvanometer motors (XY), and the third axis is driven by the pre-scan focusing system to allow the focus distance to be widely adjusted.

Comparison between laser cutting paper products and die cutting

1. The laser cutting process does not require mold opening, and any graphics can be designed on the computer, which saves a lot of time and cost. It has obvious advantages for small batch production and short delivery orders.

2. The die stamping process has rough cuts and stripping, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the next process. However, the laser cutting process has smooth and neat cuts and no need for hemming.

3. After being used for a period of time, the knife mold is prone to loss and deformation, which affects the accuracy. The laser cutting process can guarantee an accuracy of less than 0.01mm for different materials.

4. The die stamping process processes large-thickness elastic materials, which are easy to collapse and have large cutting size deviations, while the laser cutting process does not produce any pressure deformation.


Laser die-cutting technology has the characteristics of no longer waiting, freedom of will and expansion at will. In production, it is available without the need for mold making, and one can also be die-cut; at the same time, any graphics can be die-cut, and semi-transparent, fully transparent, and die-cutting depth gradients can be adjusted at will; in addition, laser die-cutting equipment can also be connected to digital printing machines Realize digital automation of die-cutting and expand into more areas.

Advantages of laser self-adhesive laser die cutting machine:

1. No need to open a mold, flexible plate change. The self-adhesive laser die-cutting machine can completely replace the circular knife die-cutting machine, without the need to open a mold, and the software version change is simple and flexible.

2. There are no limitations on graphics and are suitable for any material. The self-adhesive laser die-cutting machine can cut graphics of different shapes and sizes, and has good compatibility with complex graphics; there are no material restrictions, such as PP, PET, PVC and other materials. It is more suitable for new materials and materials with low endurance.

3. Fully automatic cutting, quick response, taking orders at any time, all-round label cutting. The self-adhesive laser die-cutting machine adopts fully automatic system control to save manpower; it can quickly adjust processes such as full cutting, kiss (half) cutting, perforation, engraving, slitting, lamination and numbering of roll-to-roll materials, and can be adjusted at any time. There is no limit to taking orders.

4. Low scrap rate, saving materials to the greatest extent. Accurately positioned operating system with extremely low scrap rate.

5. No cutter head loss, low production and maintenance costs. The self-adhesive laser die-cutting machine does not require molds/cutters and does not need to make molds for different designs, saving you a lot of production costs. Moreover, the laser machine has a long service life and there is no cost of replacing molds and cutters.

6. Contactless production, simple operation process. Laser cutting requires no contact and is equipped with a user-friendly touch control panel for easy operation.

7. The equipment is stable and the failure rate is low. The self-adhesive laser die-cutting machine adopts imported control devices and the most sophisticated control system, with low failure rate and powerful performance.

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