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Fashion "Fast" Denim Laser Washed Burnished

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Fashion "Fast" Denim Laser Washed Burnished

No denim is not fashionable! Although denim clothing has more than a hundred years of history, but it has been synonymous with fashion. Of course, the development of the times and the new technology also continue to inject new elements, especially the emergence of denim laser washing and burning machine, to more fashionable elements, but also make its efficiency greatly improved, and more environmentally friendly.

Traditional denim clothing processing time-consuming, pollution

I believe that we are not unfamiliar with the denim clothing of the old, holes, abrasions, abrasion, white and other washing effect, however, do not underestimate the process of these washing, the process alone is dozens of, time-consuming takes hours. Moreover, the traditional practice is to stone washing, sand washing, rinsing, chemical washing, etc. as the main means, need to be manually operated, the workers have to carry out a lot of repetitive labor, the chemical substances used also amount to thousands of kinds of workers, high labor intensity, low efficiency, water consumption, serious pollution, but also can not guarantee that the same batch of products have the same effect. Breakthrough industry bottleneck

In order to solve the technical problems of traditional denim processing, Sunic laser based on 13 years of laser marking industry experience and R & D strength, especially for the denim industry to develop a denim laser washing and burning machine. It adopts high-quality laser, equipped with Sunic laser independent research and development of 50mm light word withdrawal mirror system and three-dimensional dynamic technology, combined with the projector positioning, automatic focus and other unique features, not only can easily make the traditional old, hole, vesicular, abrasive white and other effects, but also can be gold system out of the cat whiskers, horse crabs, sandblasted, snowflakes and other wash effects, but also according to customer demand engraving hollow out the figure and other special surface room,. And can be carved in the same color fabrics of different shades, different levels of the room, so that the finished product is more delicate and creative.

Wash and burnish "faster" than others

The denim laser washing and burnishing machine of Sunic laser adopts 600W (optional 350W) CO2 metal RF tube commercial power laser, equipped with Sunic laser 50mm light word vibration mirror system, which can be sliced and broken fast, and can be coarse or fine, and can avoid the yellowing of the processed part of the jeans in terms of the effect of color fading.

Self-developed three-dimensional dynamic technology, equipped with three-axis control "3- axis" light path system, can be offset by three-axis lens, to achieve the focal length of the true by variable. Combined with the projector positioning and automatic focusing and other functions, to achieve the Shang precision positioning processing, reduce errors, and quickly complete. This in addition, with the dual-station platform design, can be marked on one side, while the discharge receiving operation, to enhance the machine utilization rate. It also supports the expansion of conveyor belt and moving platform to further enhance the degree of automation and work efficiency, suitable for high-volume, high-speed continuous production of processing sites.

Non-pollution and more environmentally friendly

Some traditional practices require hours to complete the washing process, through the Sunic Laser denim laser washing and burning machine can be completed in less than 10 seconds, greatly improving efficiency.

Laser washing is a precise computer control of the laser beam directly on the fabric for commercial temperature etching, by the etching part of the hype line is burned, the dye is decomposed gasification, thus producing a figure rich into a specific washing effect. Laser washing does not need to use harmful chemical character agent, no need to excessive scraping case, to protect the health of workers, will not produce environmental pollution, but also energy saving a large amount of water, truly realize away from the efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving.

Denim laser washing and burnishing is the trend of the big trend

Denim clothing industry is a traditional industry, the continuous use of business science and technology and traditional industries docking, is to enhance the technical content of the product is an important way, but also one of the important means of sustainable development of traditional industries. Sunic Laser's denim laser washing and burning machine can not only meet the denim apparel diversified and complex production and processing technology, but also can be completed quickly, and more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Therefore, whether from the production cost, efficiency, or from the quality, environmental protection point of view, denim laser washing and burning machine to replace the traditional washing process is an inevitable trend.

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