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Fully automatic laser welding machine failure causes and fault checking

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Fully automatic laser welding machine failure causes and fault checking

In recent years, fully automatic laser welding machine is more and more widely used in manufacturing industry, and its advantages of high precision, high efficiency and low pollution are more and more favored by manufacturers. However, in the process of use, it will still face some faults. How to quickly and accurately troubleshoot and make effective repairs has become a problem that manufacturers must face. This paper will introduce the fault checking of this equipment.

Failure cause analysis

  First of all, faulty equipment, should be promptly shut down for inspection, the inspection object includes the laser, controller, optical path, circuit and other components. By observing the fault phenomenon, preliminary fault analysis, such as the presence of abnormal sound, poor welding quality, flickering and so on. According to the fault phenomenon, the initial judgment of the fault is located in the part.

Specific fault check:

(A) Check the laser

1、Check the laser shell, to see if there is no damage, scratches, deformation, leakage and so on.

2、Check the laser power supply power supply unit, whether it is normal to start.

(B) Check the controller

1、Check whether the power supply of the controller is normal.

2、Check the warning light on the controller panel, whether there is obvious warning indicator light.

3、Check whether the capacitor and resistor in the controller are burned, damaged, whether there is leakage and other faults.

(C) Check the light path

1、Check whether the reflector on the optical channel is clean, whether there is oxidization, deposition and other dirt, and whether there is any foreign matter attached to the optical channel.

2、Check whether the diameter of the optical channel is normal, and confirm that the laser is not in place due to malfunction or completely disappeared position (if the fiber is damaged, the available replacement method to solve the problem; if the optical fiber is not connected tightly, you can check the correct degree of fastening, re-tightening)

(D) Check the circuit

1、Check whether the cable is damaged, blocked or in a disconnected state.

2、Check the circuit resistance value, check whether the value filled in the cable calculation formula can get the actual value.


Automatic laser welding machine maintenance, if the problem can not be solved or which involves more complex mechanical structure or programmed components, it is recommended to seek help from the manufacturer to avoid unnecessary losses.

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