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High-power laser-cleaning applications

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High-power laser-cleaning applications

Laser cleaning principle

The mechanism of laser cleaning is also different from the different wavelength, energy density and cleaning method of the laser cleaning system. With the characteristics of high intensity, high energy density, strong focus and good direction, the lens combination can focus the beam into a very small area.

Product characteristics

① Laser integrated design, electro-optical conversion efficiency up to 30%;

② The closed overall structure ensures excellent pulse power and energy stability, while optimizing the beam quality;

③ Laser function parameters are adjusted for digital display design, easy to operate, general control interface, strong compatibility;

④ High beam uniformity, processing the bottom surface effect is good, easy to use and maintenance.

The homogenization effect of laser cleaning light spot mode is changed

Different laser spot output modes determine:

1. The degree of surface damage

2. Cleaning efficiency

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