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How can I greatly improve the service life of my laser lenses?

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How can I greatly improve the service life of my laser lenses?

The big advantage of laser cleaning over chemical methods is the protection of the surface of the parts. Laser lens cleaning can also be used to clean pipes in nuclear power reactors, and equipment production molds can be "scrubbed" clean with the help of a laser. More importantly, laser cleaning is also a "green" way of cleaning. It does not require the use of any chemicals, cleaning down the solid waste easier to store recycling. "Soft invisible" light will not produce mechanical effects on the surface of the equipment, such as "secondary damage", and a higher degree of cleanliness.

It can be predicted that this "new generation" cleaning technology, will certainly play an important role in the future maintenance of equipment.

Any object put for a long time, are inevitably stained with dust, let alone across the millennium of cultural relics. In order to remove the cultural relics surface smoke, rust, mold, insect spots and other "flaws", artificial mechanical descaling and other methods will inevitably cause damage to cultural relics. In order to return to the historical relics of a "Lushan true face", the Palace Museum's "Heritage Hospital" has been the use of laser cleaning technology for the collection of cultural relics "life". Even the age of the "traces" can be skillful repair, not to mention the maintenance of weapons and equipment.

Laser cleaning technology can efficiently and effectively remove the equipment surface corrosion and pollutants, equivalent to the equipment to do a "deep cleaning". At the same time, but also through the setting of different parameters, the metal surface of the equipment to form a dense layer of oxide protective film or metal fusion layer, can further enhance the strength of the metal surface and corrosion resistance, "facelift" of the equipment was also put on a not afraid of erosion of the "Iron Shirt! ".

Flight over a period of time in the repainting of warplanes, can also be completely eliminated through laser cleaning of the surface paint layer, the metal surface is still "unharmed", which greatly enhance the service life of the warplanes. The application of laser cleaning is by no means limited to this, tanks, airplanes and even spacecraft and other types of mechanical equipment, but also often need to be used to lubricate the parts on the oil to clean up.

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