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How To Differentiate between Acrylic Extrusion Sheet And Acrylic Casting Sheet?

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How To Differentiate between Acrylic Extrusion Sheet And Acrylic Casting Sheet?

When manufacturing anti-static acrylic sheet, in order to distinguish between acrylic extruded sheet and acrylic casting sheet, the color will be white, black, red, apple green, etc. They are all very transparent and can be compared with crystals.


The difference between them is:

1. High transparency. The edge of the acrylic casting sheet is not the point of the blade, the edge of the acrylic casting sheet is very transparent and smooth. In this way, ordinary acrylic casting sheet in the production process around the sheet covered with plastic.

2. Acrylic casting plate has its unique advantages and disadvantages in the production process of acrylic sheet. Casting plate support 1.83m * 1.22m and 2.44m * 1.2m, with the increase in the thickness of acrylic handicrafts casting plate, casting plate made of acrylic handicrafts (2mm ± 0.5mm, 4mm ± 0.6mm, 5mm ± 0.7mm, 7mm, 8mm or more) with a large thickness tolerance.

3. The odor of laser cutting: the first point, because the acrylic extrusion plate is basically recycled material to do, cutting becomes more unpleasant, especially with the pigment board and its sandwich board, smoke is relatively large. Because it is a new material, whether it smells or smokes, the poured plate will squeeze the plate much less.

4. Acrylic pouring plate does not show holes during processing.

5. From the surface of the plate: the surface of the acrylic extrusion plate will have a slight trachoma. If it is concave like small holes, the black plate will be obvious, casting plate can not be seen, but the casting plate will show tattoo status.

6. The transparency of the acrylic casting plate is higher than the transparency of the acrylic extrusion plate.

7. Knocking acrylic casting board with hand will make thud sound, which is different from ps board and pc board.


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