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How to maintain the laser welding machine?

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How to maintain the laser welding machine?

Laser welding machine with its high-quality characteristics and perfect role is commonly used in the production of a variety of goods processing production, high-quality and effective laser welding machine not only to ensure the personal safety of the workers, but also in a more limited period of time in the production of daily tasks.

ARGUS laser's high quality of service, many customers are picking argus laser welding machine business, this time, to share with you all about laser welding machine maintenance and maintenance of small common sense.

1、Check the parts of the laser welding machine on time. If the laser welding machine parts appear to be loose or fall off, the laser welding machine will not be able to give full play to all normal, in order not to jeopardize the work, so it is proposed that you should query the parts, components on time;

2、The actual operation of the natural environment should be dry. Laser welding machine on the natural environment of the provisions of the higher, not in the excessively wet and cold natural environment in the application of equipment, in order to ensure that the role of the laser still give full play to the work of the staff to be in the dry, no rain room application of laser welding machine;

3、The proper steps for the actual operation of instruments and equipment can not be lacking. After selecting the laser welding machine, arguslaser will hand over the reliable operation guide to you, the laser welding machine must be operated by specialized personnel to ensure that the work, thus stipulating that workers must carry out the whole line of practical operation in accordance with the appropriate procedures;

Laser welding machine maintenance key points probably include the three levels mentioned above, on-time inspection work can not be lack of, put the laser welding machine address and its actual operation of the natural environment need to pay double attention to, in addition to the actual operation of the process should be carried out in accordance with the appropriate standards of order, a variety of maintenance work to ensure that the long-term operation of the laser welding machine.

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