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How to operate and maintain the handheld laser welding head?

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How to operate and maintain the handheld laser welding head?

一、Handheld welding head welding machine maintenance

First, it is especially important to note that when checking the internal or external connector terminals of the welding machine, the power switch must be turned off before implementation.

1. How to do a good handheld welding head welding machine routine test

For example, check whether the cooling fan rotates smoothly when the welding machine is powered on. Whether there is abnormal vibration, sound and smell; whether there is air leakage; whether the joints between the welding wire and insulation are loose or peeling; whether there is abnormal heating of the welding cable and wiring assembly, etc.

2. Forced air cooling of the handheld welding head welding machine

Dust can easily be sucked from the surrounding environment and stored in the welding machine. Therefore, we can regularly use clean and dry compressed air to blow and wipe off the dust accumulated in the welding machine. In particular, the transformer, the gap between the choke coil and the coil and the power semiconductor should be cleaned.

3. Handheld welding head welding machine regularly check the wiring parts of the power supply wiring

Power input side, power output side and other terminal connection screws, external wiring connection parts and internal wiring connection parts are not loose. Rust and corrosion should be removed when it occurs. Remove to ensure good contact conductivity.

4. Long-term use of the welding machine will inevitably be due to contact

rust and damage will deform the housing and wear out the internal parts. Therefore, it is necessary to perform comprehensive maintenance work such as replacing defective parts, repairing the housing and strengthening parts with deteriorated insulation during annual maintenance and inspection. During the maintenance and replacement of defective parts, it is advisable to replace all new parts immediately to ensure the performance of the welder.

The regular maintenance and inspections performed above can reduce the incidence of welding failures. Although it requires some time and effort, it can extend the life of the welder, improve operational efficiency, ensure the performance of the welder and increase safety. This is an important element of welding that should not be overlooked.

二、the handheld welding head welding machine maintenance of the welding gun

1. Regularly check and replace the conductive nozzle

When the diameter of the worn conductive nozzle becomes large, the arc will become unstable, the appearance of the weld will deteriorate, or the weld will stick (burn back). The end of the conductive nozzle gets caught in the spatter and the wire feed will become uneven. If the conductive nozzle is not tightened, the threaded joint will be heated and welded to death.

2. Clean and replace spring hoses regularly

The spring hose will accumulate a lot of iron powder, dust and plating chips of the wire after a long time use, which will make the wire feeding unstable. Therefore, regular cleaning is very important. You can crimp it and tap it gently to shake off the accumulated material, then blow it away with compressed air. Oil stains on the hose should be cleaned with a brush in oil and then blown off with compressed air. If the spring hose is twisted or severely deformed and bent, replace it with a new one. When replacing the pipe, make sure it is suitable for the diameter and length of the welding wire used and that there are no burrs on the cutting surface.

3. Inspection of the insulation collar of the hand-held welding head welder

If the insulating collar is removed for welding, spatter will adhere to the inside of the nozzle, thus directing the nozzle to live parts. The welding torch may burn due to short circuit. At the same time, the insulating collar must be installed in order for the shielding gas to flow out evenly.

4. Manual operation and maintenance of hand-held welding:

(1) Handheld laser welding machine must be professionally trained to understand the use of system indicators and buttons, and to familiarize themselves with the most basic equipment knowledge, safety knowledge and precautions before use.

(2) Before working on the handheld laser welding machine, please check the wire slots and whether the wires are damaged or exposed. It is prohibited to put debris and tools on the robot body, outer axis, gun cleaning station and water cooler.

(3) It is strictly forbidden to place liquid items (e.g. water bottles) on the control cabinet. The operating room is free of flammable items (e.g. cotton shoes); the operating room temperature must not exceed 25 degrees Celsius; there are no air, water, or electrical leaks; the threads of the welding tools are not damaged, and the robot is not abnormal. No magnetic fields or sources of vibration (e.g. magnets) within the working range of the robot

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