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Laser Cleaning Application Advantages

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Laser Cleaning Application Advantages

A tire mold is an important tool used in the tire production process (curing process). There are some patterns inside the tire mold (corresponding to the grain of the tire), and prolonged use will produce many deposits, such as sulfide, inorganic substances, silicone oil, carbon black and so on. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure the cleanliness of its surface. However, due to the irregularity and complexity of the mold tread pattern, the general cleaning methods are not cleaned in place, and some parts of the tire will form a dead zone of pollution, thus affecting the quality of the tire.

At present, the main methods used for tire mold cleaning are mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning, dry ice cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, laser thermal laser cleaning. In the past ten years, laser cleaning rapid development, in many areas gradually replace other cleaning methods. So, what are the advantages of laser cleaning technology?

I. High efficiency

After radium-thermal laser radiation reaches the surface of the mold, it will be absorbed by the deposits on the surface of the mold. Under the action of high-temperature energy, the deposits instantly vaporize and evaporate off the surface of the object, the time required is very short. The traditional cleaning methods, such as ultrasonic cleaning, after preheating, cooling and other processes before cleaning, the time required is long. For a daily output of thousands of tire manufacturers, laser cleaning technology is obviously the most efficient.

II. Reliable

The laser beam can reach the parts that are not easy to remove for cleaning, with a higher degree of cleanliness. Moreover, Radotherm laser cleaning is non-contact cleaning, no solvents or substances are added during the cleaning process, so under the appropriate process parameters (optical parameters of the laser), no damage will be caused to the mold. It is more reliable than the traditional mechanical and chemical cleaning methods.

III. Environmental protection

Laser cleaning is the use of high-energy beams, without the use of any organic solvents, so there is no pollution, and no noise, harmless to the human body and the environment. On the other hand, all kinds of environmental protection laws and regulations have been put into practice one after another, and environmental protection manufacturing is gradually normalized. In such an environment, laser cleaning technology is undoubtedly the most suitable.

With the continuous development and maturity of related supporting equipment and technology, the future application of laser cleaning technology will be more and more industries.

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