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Laser Cleaning Machines in the Industrial Sector

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Laser Cleaning Machines in the Industrial Sector

Laser cleaning applications, stemming primarily from the market need for a non-toxic, non-abrasive cleaning method that can serve as an alternative to previously used chemical, manual and abrasive jet cleaning methods

Laser cleaning applications:

1. Surface Polishing and Rust Removal in Steel Manufacturing

1) When metals are exposed to moisture, they react with water to form ferrous oxide, which rusts. This rust reduces the quality of the metal and makes it unsuitable for use in a wide range of applications.

2)On the other hand, as a result of the heat treatment process, an oxidized layer forms on the surface of the metal, which discolors the surface and thus prevents subsequent finishing operations.

2、Cleaning the anode assembly

1)The presence of dirt and other contaminants increases the resistance of the anode, which leads to more battery power consumption.

2)The presence of contaminants also shortens the life of the anode by increasing its consumption rate during the melting process.

3. Preparation for metal bonding

1)In order to improve process stability, surface adhesion and better weld quality, the surfaces of the metal materials to be joined must be prepared before welding and other joining techniques are applied.

2)If the surfaces of the metal materials are not cleaned and treated as necessary, the joints and seams are prone to degradation, increased wear and even catastrophic failure.

4.Pre-treatment for brazing and soldering

1)It helps remove ferrous and non-ferrous metals, lubricants and other contaminants from metal and aluminum surfaces in preparation for high quality welding.

2)It also ensures smooth and non-porous brazing welds.

5. Localized removal of coatings

1)It can be used on virtually all surface types, whether they are chemically anodized, oxidized or organic coatings.

2)Laser cleaning can be used in automotive and other industries to remove coatings and paints while maintaining the integrity of the substrate material.

6. Selective Paint Removal

The use of lasers for polishing, surface cleaning and coating removal applications is rapidly expanding. Depending on the application, the laser pulse frequency, energy and wavelength must be precisely selected to clean, polish and ablate the target material. At the same time, any form of damage to the substrate material must be prevented. At present, laser cleaning technology is mainly used for cleaning small parts. Of course, it is highly likely that this technology will also be suitable for cleaning large surfaces and large equipment/structures.

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