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Laser Cleaning VS Traditional Cleaning

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Laser Cleaning VS Traditional Cleaning

With the petrochemical field of traditional cleaning technology, laser cleaning technology has the following characteristics.

1) No or only a small amount of solution assistance is required.

2) A wide variety of attachments and substrates that can be cleaned.

3) Effective removal of surface adhesions with little damage to the substrate.

4) Controllable cleaning area and quality.

5) Can be made portable and mobile.

6) Easy automation of operations.

7) The equipment has a long life and operates with only electricity, resulting in low overall costs.

The application of laser cleaning technology in the petrochemical field is rarely reported, as a new technology, the application in the petrochemical field still needs to carry out research on process methods, safety evaluation, equipment development and standards.

Laser cleaning is a green, non-destructive surface cleaning technology that uses laser interaction with substances to remove surface adherents from substrates. The quality and efficiency of laser cleaning is influenced by the interaction of many parameters. When other parameters are the same, the higher the peak power, the higher the peak power density, the easier it is to achieve the threshold power density of the adhesion to be cleaned, to achieve the desired cleaning effect. Average power is equal to the single pulse energy multiplied by the pulse frequency, is an important parameter affecting the cleaning efficiency. When other parameters are the same, the higher the average power, the higher the efficiency of laser cleaning.

The laser cleaning process acts on four types of objects.

1) Attachment

2) Gas in the attachment layer

3) Substrate

4) Pre-coated liquid film

"Wet" cleaning, liquid film to play an auxiliary role, used to remove some of the more difficult to remove the adhesion. This method will produce waste liquid, but compared with the traditional chemical cleaning methods, the amount of waste liquid generated is small and less harmful. For the petrochemical industry, flammable, corrosive or toxic dirt, in order to avoid laser cleaning when the contaminants caused by burning or diffusion, can be used "wet" cleaning, that is, the choice of suitable liquid film flame retardant or absorbing contaminants, according to demand can also be extracted from the waste liquid useful ingredients to save raw materials. Can also use high power, high repetition frequency of the pulse laser "dry" cleaning, so that part of the light beam into acoustic waves. Reflected and incident acoustic waves interfere with each other to produce high-energy waves, which explode in a small area and turn the dirt layer into powder, which can be removed by vacuuming devices to avoid spreading the contaminants.

1) Laser paint removal

2) Laser rust removal

3) Laser cleaning of artifacts



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