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Laser production how to protect the eyes and first aid

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Laser production how to protect the eyes and first aid

In the enterprise processing production, some will use to the laser and other equipment for processing, and some will be due to the processing of the reason and produce dust and other substances, in both cases, no matter which one will be on the processing personnel eye health hazards, so in the production process need to pay attention to and protection.

What is first aid if a chemical or dust gets in your eyes?

1. Remain calm.

2. Immediately flush the eyes continuously with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.

3. If an emergency eyewash station is available, use it immediately, holding the eyelids open with your fingers while flushing.

4. If it is necessary to rinse with your hands, keep your eyes open. Ask someone else to help hold the eyelids open.

5. if the patient cannot stand, someone else can pour water over the patient's eyes. If only one eye was exposed to the chemical, tilt the patient's head toward that eye so that the water flows away from it and does not contaminate the other eye. If both eyes have been exposed to the chemical, have the patient lie down with the head tilted back and the rescuer pour water over the bridge of the patient's nose to rinse both eyes.

6. Seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Care should be taken when using eye protection equipment:

1. check for tears, rips or scratches.

2. ensure that it fits comfortably when worn and does not come off during work.

3. replace with a new pair if vision is obscured by scratches or stains.

4. if vision-correcting eyewear is also required when using safety glasses or goggles, ensure that they are comfortable to wear at the same time; safety glasses with their own vision correction are also available.

5. if equipment is shared with others, it should be sterilized after each use.

6. if the work will be exposed to corrosive chemicals - such as acids - ensure that the equipment has the appropriate corrosion resistance.

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