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Laser Technology in The Food Industry

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Laser Technology in The Food Industry

Food packaging is often labeled with product information such as batch tracking codes, ingredients, expiration dates and manufacturer information in order for the consumer to see the information about the food product clearly and directly. The key elements of modern packaging are function, appearance and feel, which to some extent can only be achieved through laser processing. Laser processing is a flexible "no-touch" process that is economically viable even for small production runs (on-demand label printing).


Typical applications in the food industry are as follows:

1. Laser Marking: Laser marking is mainly used for marking food-related information materials, which is widely used, highly efficient and can be printed on the fly. It can also be used to produce anti-counterfeiting markings for food products, such as molded rainbow holograms and laser dot-matrix holograms.

2. laser Perforation: Through laser perforation, to improve the air exchange and moisture retention of food packaging bags, to extend the shelf life of food, and can cope with the pressure generated by the heating of food on the food packaging.

3. laser Scribing: Laser scribing makes it easier for consumers to open food packages along dotted lines. unlike mechanical tools such as screwdrivers or presses, laser processing is non-contact and has a very low wear rate.

4. Laser Cutting: Laser cutting is fast, the cutting surface is smooth and neat, and the processed object can be cut into any desired shape, which is also particularly common in food processing, such as the scoring of nuts and the cutting of pasta.

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