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Laser welding: diversification of application scenarios - the future is promising

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Laser welding: diversification of application scenarios - the future is promising

Laser welding technology advantages in aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, copper alloy, nickel alloy, titanium alloy and other metal materials, gradually replace the traditional welding process, accelerating the application of laser welding in batteries, sanitary ware, new energy vehicles and their parts, hardware, jewelry, 3C and other areas of application layout, and in recent years the maturity of laser tin welding and laser plastic welding technology and breakthroughs, will further expand the laser application scenarios, such as Communication electronics, medical devices, automotive electronics and sensors and other fields.

1.  The advantage is the potential, the most development potential of advanced welding technology.

First of all, in terms of efficiency, laser welding is 2-10 times faster than traditional welding. Because the laser welding machine equipment uses the processing principle of laser beam irradiation, so in terms of processing speed is very fast, the melting depth is relatively deep.

Secondly, in terms of quality, laser welding is more excellent, because the heat affected area is small when welding, the workpiece has no deformation, no welding scars, firm welding, smooth and beautiful, reduce the subsequent grinding process, high welding yield. And can cope with stainless steel plate, iron plate, galvanized plate and other metal materials can be welded, can be mutual welding of various heterogeneous materials.

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In addition, the operability (low manual technology) is high and easy to automate, while safety and environmental protection, say goodbye to wearing insulated shoes, wearing thick gloves, while holding a protective mask, while holding a heavy welding pliers in operation, sparks spattered traditional welding site.

2.  What are the technical difficulties of laser welding?

Marking, cutting and welding are the three most important applications in laser processing, of which laser marking and cutting development started earlier, but in recent years, with the rise of new energy vehicles, the downstream power battery industry is booming, the demand for automated welding equipment is growing rapidly, driving the development of the laser welding industry.

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But the speed of its development is no faster than the field of fiber cutting and marking, which involves the biggest feature of laser welding equipment: a high degree of customization, customer demand for the product is highly differentiated, it is difficult to achieve large-scale batch production - different products, different application scenarios, different intensity needs, the process used, fixtures, etc. Requirements are different, almost every application needs a customized product.

3.  The future of laser welding technology can be expected!

After years of development, laser technology is widely understood, people's recognition of its increased, to promote the application of laser technology. At present, laser welding equipment can be divided into laser composite heat source welding equipment for medium and thicker structures, laser welding equipment for thin metal materials; laser welding equipment for highly reflective, low-absorption materials; precision laser welding equipment for transparent materials, etc.

At present, laser welding in the automotive industry (such as laser assembly welding of unequal thickness plates, body assembly and sub-assembly laser group welding, auto parts) power battery industry (such as explosion-proof valve sealing welding, lug welding, soft connection welding, safety cap spot welding, battery shell sealing welding, module and PACK welding and other processes) application process is relatively mature.


At the same time, laser welding technology is gradually being widely used in the manufacture of aerospace equipment, especially in the manufacture of weapons and aircraft, aircraft skin splicing, skin, long derivative welding, thin-walled parts manufacturing, fuselage accessories assembly, etc., laser welding technology is indispensable. The application of laser welding technology to improve the structural performance of the aircraft and reduce the mass of the substrate.

In addition the demand of ship lightweight development, laser welding technology was introduced into the ship manufacturing industry and rapidly replaced the traditional welding technology to improve the welding efficiency and quality. Whether from thin plate to medium-thick plate welding, or in the penetration of new materials, new applications, laser welding field has too many technologies waiting to be drilled, the application of the popularity of manufacturing industry still has huge room for improvement, laser welding technology is still a promising future.

In the current complex international situation, the industrial structure is being upgraded and adjusted step by step, in the face of 5G to upgrade the manufacturing industry, new infrastructure and the future of intelligent equipment, intelligent factories and intelligent products and a number of technological breakthroughs and upgrades bring new opportunities and challenges, we should keep pace with the changing market demand, expand exchanges and cooperation, and seek new industries, new technologies brought about by the development opportunities. ‍

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