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Laser welding machine development trends and applications

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Laser welding machine development trends and applications

The main use of laser is very wide, laser welding processing machine as a laser use of a direction, are based on the traditional type of processing technology and modern laser science and technology business complex, the following to talk about laser welding machine processing equipment.

Because the laser welding processing power is high and releases out fast, so it is better than the traditional method in the production efficiency, and the laser welding production and processing has more excellent production and processing characteristics than the ordinary production and processing. Laser welding is the use of laser single pulse on the material for the subtle area range part of the heating, laser radiation source according to the thermal conductivity of the internal structure of the raw material spread, the material will be dissolved to produce special pool.

Laser welding machine is a new type of welding method, mainly for thick-walled raw materials, parts welding, can realize welding, butt welding, stack welding, sealing welding, etc., depth to width ratio is high, the width of the weld is small, the heat-affected zone is small, the deformation is small, the welding speed is faster, the weld is neat and smooth, beautiful and generous, no need to deal with only easy to solve after welding, the weld is of high quality, no out of the air holes, can be manipulated, focus on the light spot is small, the accuracy level is high, easy to Completion of automation technology.

While the traditional crafts need to use the board only layer by layer to carry out welding, laser welding in the whole process without touching the surface layer of the production and processing objects, so the laser production process has the advantages of the traditional welding method can not be compared.

What are the applications of laser welding equipment?


In the laser metal material welding manufacturing work, should be used by the small automobile industry is more common, car parts of the use of welding, welding, welding, body welding and parts welding methods, and laser welding can be flexible welding, welding goods welding robust and beautiful, in addition to the welding of sheet metal parts of the car in addition to the automobile parts can be seen in the automotive parts laser welding figure, such as: automotive engine cylinder gaskets, hydraulic tappet sealing Welding, car high-voltage relays, filters, torque sensors, turbochargers, oil rails, cylinder gaskets, automotive spark plugs, stratified motor rotor, seat adjustment ball screws, gas, and so on at many levels are applied.


In this aspect of the power lithium battery can also see the laser welding processing figure, laser composite welding is a laser beam welding and MIG welding expertise is closely integrated to get the ideal welding effect, rapid and welding bridging technology level, is then common welding method. The advantages of laser composite welding are: faster, small thermal expansion, small heat hazard areas, and to ensure that the welded metal components and mechanical equipment characteristics.


In the current electronic work can also be widely seen in the welding process of laser welding processing, such as intermediate relay sealing and fracture welding, RF connectors and connectors welding, metal material shells and other structural components of the welding. Motor windshield and couplings, fiber optic adapter connector welding and so on.


In addition to the above many applications, laser welding processing process just like in the airlines, machinery and equipment manufacturing, hardware, decorative building materials and other related work is also commonly used; in the field of materials, laser welding machine is suitable for welding the same material a wide variety of metal pieces, such as aluminum alloy plate, stainless steel plate, stainless steel plate and copper. And its aluminum copper, stainless steel plate copper and several other materials mixed welding. The main scope included is much higher than the traditional welding methods.

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