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Multifunctional relics laser cleaning machine

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Multifunctional relics laser cleaning machine

The removal of rust and corrosion layers is a necessary operation for the protection and restoration of cultural relics, and is also a complex problem. The removal of contaminated and rusted layers on the surface of cultural relics requires efficient, high-precision and safe cleaning technology. "Laser cleaning" provides a "high efficiency, high precision, safe" cleaning means for the field of cultural and museum.

Heritage cleaning is mainly through the laser short pulse of vibration wave in the object surface scanning, so that the surface layer of soil, dirt, carbon deposits, metal rust, organic or inorganic impurities of the oxidation layer crushed, and vaporization evaporation. In the removal of the object surface contamination layer / aging layer at the same time, to ensure that the underlying substrate (the body of the artifact) is not damaged or stripped. In the cleaning of cultural relics, restore the original appearance of a variety of technologies and methods, only laser cleaning technology can achieve precision positioning, precise cleaning.

laser cleaner

A. The four advantages of laser cleaning technology

  1. No contact: the use of high peak value short pulse laser beam, there is no physical contact between the laser equipment and processing objects, to achieve "no contact cleaning".

  2. Minimal intrusion: cleaning of cultural relics, a single pulse touches only a few microns in thickness, the arrival depth of cleaning can be controlled to a very high degree of accuracy, no damage to the body of the relics, allowing cleaning on the surface of objects that are extremely fragile or extremely easy to change.

  3. High precision: cleaning operations involve only the laser irradiation area, almost no mechanical or thermal impact on the surrounding. Laser can deal with very small details, but also a larger area area, but also can deal with complex shapes of the surface or special parts.

  4. Safe and environmentally friendly: no chemicals or additives, no waste water waste liquid; no secondary pollutants harmful to human body and the environment.


B.Features of the heritage laser cleaning machine

  1. A wide range of functions: a "full-featured" laser cleaning machine, can be used for organic, inorganic and metal and almost all materials such as the cleaning of cultural relics, one machine, no need to choose different models according to the material of cultural relics.

  2. Efficient operation: can be equipped with "point" and "line" 2 kinds of laser head, unique advantages, stronger function, higher efficiency of processing operations.

     1)Point laser head: 6mm diameter point laser beam can be generated (standard equipment).

     2)Line laser head: 3×11mm line laser beam can be generated (optional). Small size, light weight, convenient for indoor or outdoor site use.

rust remove

C.The scope of use and processing objects

  1. Use range: decontamination, rust removal, cleaning; peeling, surface cleaning; removal of resin, adhesive, etc. Objects with uneven surfaces, objects that cannot be cleaned with chemicals, objects with holes that are not easy to clean, objects that need to be degreased, objects that want to clean with minimal intervention, objects that want to reduce the amount of work, and occasions that require dust-free work (cleaning through the glass can be done for objects in glass containers / vacuum bins).

  2. Objects: paper, cardboard and other paper products; wood products; stone, brick and tile; various metal products; ceramics, glass, pottery, jade; leather products; resin, plastic products.

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