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Operation and maintenance of industrial laser cleaning machine

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Operation and maintenance of industrial laser cleaning machine

Industrial laser cleaning machine is an efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly cleaning equipment, which can clean the dirt, grease and oxidized layer on the surface of various articles without using any chemical solvents. Using this equipment not only improves work efficiency, but also saves costs and protects the environment. The following is to introduce the operation method and maintenance method of this equipment.

Operation method:

1、Before starting the machine, check whether all the operating platforms are in the right position to ensure the stability of the equipment;.

2、In accordance with the cleaning requirements to select the appropriate cleaning parameters, equipment boot to be cleaned items into the cleaning area, the equipment will automatically carry out cleaning work;.

3、In the cleaning process, to keep the operating platform clean, in order to prevent debris and other debris into the cleaning area and affect the cleaning effect.

4、The work is completed in accordance with the correct procedures to shut down, pay attention to the maintenance of equipment and maintenance.

Maintenance methods:

1、Regularly check the various parts of the industrial laser cleaning machine whether there is damage or loosening, timely maintenance;;.

2、Each time after the completion of cleaning, to clean the radical equipment, remove the residue and debris;

3、Check whether the filter inside the equipment is clogged, need to be removed in time.

4、In the case of equipment not used for a long time, should be timely maintenance of equipment. For example, packaging the outside of the equipment to protect the equipment from dirt and other influences.

5、If the equipment in a long time after the use of certain parts failure, need to be replaced in a timely manner.

Laser in the field of fine processing with cutting, drilling, scribing, welding, cleaning and other functions. Laser cleaning can replace the traditional pre-welding and post-welding cleaning methods, can be fine cleaning parts of the welded metal part or the welded metal part.

All in all, if correctly operated and maintained, industrial laser cleaning machines can not only improve work efficiency, but also bring other benefits, such as saving resources, protecting the environment, reducing costs and so on. Therefore, the use of cleaning machines should be optimized from the point of view of the use of details, pay attention to the maintenance of equipment and maintenance, in order to protect the equipment for a long time and stable work.

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