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Our Advantage

Free Training 
New to laser machines and software?  Don’t worry, you’ll learn everything you need to know about running your machine safely and efficiently. We offer free start up training to all of our customers.
Free Consulting
Not sure where to begin? 
We’ve helped thousands of people through the selection process to ensure they’re getting the right machine for their needs. 
Quality Control
We inspect every machine. Our team makes sure that every laser machine passes a rigorous inspection before ship to you. 
Lifetime Support ​​​​​​​
All Argus Lasers are backed by a one year warranty and our lifeline Plus care plan, which includes remote start up training and Internet or phone support.  
Join us, then you will has hundreds friends can talk and sharing. Because we have many clients did different business with laser machines, so you will get the machine process parameters, Raw Materials information, Market and so on. All of these will help your business expand quickly. 
As a manufacturer, we have over 60 R&D engineers to improve the laser work flows and their performance, and new functions. Since 1998, our laser machines always keep upgrading every year, from handmade to Full automatic, you will be very happy with our cooperation. 
Argus Laser, your professional 
laser solutions supplier since 1998 !!!

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