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Several Methods And Techniques Of Stainless Steel Welding

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Several Methods And Techniques Of Stainless Steel Welding

Several Methods And Techniques Of Stainless Steel Welding Are As Follows.

1、Stainless steel welding: manual metal arc welding(MMA)

MMA welding

Manual welding is a very common and easy to use welding method. The length of the arc is adjusted by hand, depending on the size of the gap between the welding rod and the workpiece. At the same time, the welding electrode acts as an arc carrier and also as a welding filler material. This welding method is simple and can be used to weld almost any material. For outdoor use, it is well adapted, even for use underwater. Most welders know how to TIG weld. In electrode welding, the length of the arc depends on one's hand: when you change the gap between the electrode and the workpiece, you also change the length of the arc. In most cases, welding uses direct current. The electrode is used as an arc carrier and welding filler. The electrode consists of an alloy or non-alloy metal core wire and an electrode coating. This coating protects the weld from air and stabilizes the arc. It also forms a slag layer and protects the weld from slag formation. Depending on the thickness and composition of the coating, the electrode can be titanium or hermetically sealed. Titanium electrodes are easy to weld and the weld seam is flat and beautiful. In addition, the weld slag is easy to clean. If the electrode is stored for too long, it needs to be baked again. This is because moisture in the air will quickly accumulate in the electrode.

2、Stainless steel welding: MIG/MAG welding

MIG welding

This is an automatic gas shielded arc welding method. In this method, an electric arc is welded between the current-carrying wire and the workpiece under a shielding gas. The machine-delivered wire is used as a welding rod and melts under its own arc. Due to the universality and specificity of the MIG/MAG welding method, it is still a very widely used welding method in the world. It is used for steel, unalloyed steel, low alloy steel and high alloy based materials. This makes it an ideal welding method for production and maintenance. When welding steel, MAG can meet the requirements of thin steel plates with a thickness of only 0.6 mm. The shielding gas used here is a reactive gas, such as carbon dioxide or a gas mixture. The limitation is that when welding outdoors, the workpiece needs to be protected from moisture in order to maintain the influence of the gas.

3、Stainless steel welding: TIG welding

An arc is created between the refractory tungsten wire and the workpiece. The shielding gas used here is pure argon and the incoming wire is uncharged. The wire can be sent manually or mechanically. There are also specific applications where wire feeding is not required. The welding material determines whether DC or AC is used. When DC is used, the tungsten welding wire is set to negative. The main advantage of the TIG welding method is the ability to weld large materials in a wide range of applications. This includes workpieces with a thickness of 0.6 mm and above, in materials such as alloy steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper and its alloys, gray cast iron, common dry, various bronzes, nickel, silver, titanium and lead. The main fields of application are welding thin and medium-thick workpieces, which can be used as root welds for thicker sections.

TIG welding

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