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Stainless steel laser welding manufacturers: handheld laser welding precautions

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Stainless steel laser welding manufacturers: handheld laser welding precautions



As long as it is the traditional welding can welding things, laser welding machine can do, compared with the traditional welding method, its welding range is wider, such as non-ferrous metal and metallurgical metal can be used for handheld laser welding, then in the welding of metal data, handheld laser welding when what matters for attention? The following follow stainless steel welding manufacturers together to see.


First of all, carefully check whether the shutter reflector is clean, contaminated lenses in use will soon burst, so far, the end of the adjustment of the laser part, with the development of laser welding skills, laser welding machine skills more and more sophisticated, professional application is more and more strong, but in the actual welding production process, due to a variety of reasons will appear a lot of problems, so, How to control the emergence of these problems, how to deal with these quality problems, has become the first step in the process of production and processing, the following stainless steel welding manufacturers on the basis of welding phenomenon to analyze the causes of processing products, generally speaking, there are two reasons for poor processing effect, processing data problems, Choosing laser welding machine to change the data collection can effectively deal with this kind of problem. Secondly, the setting of skill parameters requires continuous testing of the same part according to the products of welding, and discussion according to the welding results presented in succession.

High safety, welding nozzle only contact metal is useful, the switch is temperature-sensitive.

Can complete the welding of any view point, can weld a variety of weld complex, irregular shape of the larger workpiece, complete the welding of any view point.

Can also maintain a clean and tidy working environment in the factory, choose a friendly planning suitable for laser welding to optimize the sheet metal production process, has obvious advantages over traditional welding, but laser welding also needs higher processing accuracy and fixtures, in order to give full play to the advantages of laser welding, reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, It is necessary to optimize the entire sheet metal production process such as product planning, laser cutting, stamping, bending and laser welding. In practice, we find that laser welding process is not the main determinant of the cost of sheet metal products using laser welding technology. Actual production experience has proved that 70% of the cost of sheet metal products is determined by product planning. To improve the welding efficiency, the first need is to start with product planning. In the initial product planning, the requirements of laser welding on the workpiece are taken into account, such as reducing the bending process in the production, choosing laser cutting plate as far as possible, choosing self-positioning planning and so on.

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